Where to Stay in Havana: 12 Airbnb Rentals in Cuba’s Capital City

Tourists in Havana, Cuba has been consistently on the rise since the US recently started allowing commercial flights to Havana—for the first time in five decades!

Tourism isn’t booming in Cuba—yet—you still have to declare why you’re traveling there from the US, and there are a lot of things to know about traveling to Havana before you board your plane. One important thing to note: there aren’t many hotels in Cuba’s capital city. But, don’t let where to stay in Havana discourage you from booking a trip there, just hit the Airbnb website to find a cute B&B or casa particular (private home).

If you start your “where to stay in Havana” hotel search an a place like Expedia or Booking.com, you will begin to get worried. There are only a handful of hotels in Havana and they are mostly owned by the government, which makes them very expensive.

It is more common for visitors to stay in a Cuban’s private home (casa particular) or B&B, which is way more economical and an authentic local experience. Head over to Airbnb because this is where most of these types of lodgings are listed. You can easily find a room in a cute house for around $100 per night.

I stayed at the Mi Casa Tu Casa, a casa particular that I found on Airbnb. I picked it because it had excellent reviews, plus breakfast was included and there was internet access (this was a huge bonus!). It was also located right across the street from the larger Hotel Presidente, where the hop on hop off bus stopped, there were always taxis available, we could easily exchange money and listen to music on the patio. Though it was about ten minutes from the old town, it was a lovely stay and I would highly recommend it!

But, there are MANY other places to stay in Havana.

Make sure to read the reviews on Airbnb, so you can ensure that you are booking the best place to stay for your needs. Also note that Cubans have limited internet access, so response time to emails can be slow. If this makes you nervous, I’d recommend using Airbnb’s instant bookings.

I’ve put together a list of some of the highlights, from luxury beachfront hotels to design-centric B&B’s, casa particulars and budget apartments in the city.

Where to Stay in Havana: 12 Best Airbnb Rentals in Cuba's Capital City

Where to Stay in Havana: 12 Best Airbnb Rentals in Cuba’s Capital City

La Rosa de Ortega: Located on top of a hill overlooking the city, La Rosa de Ortega is a real gem. The B&B includes a pool, a gym, a bar, outdoor lounging areas, and a massage center—not to mention some gorgeously decorated private rooms and bathrooms.

Havana Airbnb Rental

Rooftop Villa: If you’re a fan of staying in boutique design hotels and don’t mind splurging a bit on your Airbnb, this might the pick for you. The rooftop villa is light, open, and has a modern design to match its Vedado neighborhood. When you’re not enjoying the hotel’s patio lounge area and rooftop views, you’ll have plenty to explore on the ground level.

Places to stay in Havana, Cuba: Airbnb rental

Relax in Front of the Sea: When they say “relax in front of the sea,” they mean it; this Airbnb property backs up to the beach—but they added in a bar and a pool for good measure. Away from the noise of the city, on the western edge of Havana, this hotel offers impeccable design, great food, and a real beach vacation. Be warned: it’s the priciest place to stay on the list, at $500 per night.

The best place to stay in Habana Cuba,

House 40: Near the sea, in the residential neighborhood of Miramar, this simple, sleek apartment mirrors its neighborhood: a high-end and modern alternative to the busier and older areas of Havana. You’ll be near embassies, restaurants, the water, and some of the city’s newer businesses.

Airbnb Rental Hotel in Havana Cuba

Bayview Penthouse: This apartment in Old Havana is within walking distance of some of the city’s major attractions, so its rooftop terrace, grill, and bay views are really the icing on the cake. The apartment was remodeled in 2017, so you can expect a sleek interior, as well.

Airbnb Rental Hotel in Havana Cuba

Magical B&B by the Sea: Take even a quick look through this B&B’s photos and you’ll agree that it earns its name. Its owners call it the “White House” for the all-white decoration that gives this place a thoroughly luxurious feel. To top that off, its located just outside of Old Havana on the Malecón, making its private patio a great place to watch the sun set over the ocean.

Airbnb Rental in Cuba's Capital City of Havana

Melvis House: Another option of where to stay in Old Havana, this casa particular has a few rooms to choose from, and its 8th floor terraces provide some pretty ideal views of the city and bay. Start the day with one of your host’s famous breakfasts ($5 CUC) and follow it up with an easy walk through the highlights of Havana.

Places to Stay in Havana, Cuba: An Airbnb rental

Casa Colonial Daymela: Another pick in Vedado, this one has a higher price tag ($300 per night) and a more decadent vibe—think Cuban mansion. This house’s sunny gardens, lux design, top notch customer service, and central location—it’s 3 blocks from the Malecón—have previous guests comparing it more of a 5-star hotel than a B&B.

Patio of an Airbnb rental in the capital city of Havana, Cuba

Las Tres Monjas: In Old Havana, just a short walk from the Plaza Vieja, this apartment offers “comfort and style.” Breakfast is available for $5 CUC, bottled water is complimentary, and previous guests say they can tell the owners put care into every little corner of this Airbnb.

Airbnb rental in Havana, Cuba

Casa Una Old Havana: An old Spanish colonial home in the center of Old Havana, this place to stay isn’t a great option if you’re seeking solitude and quiet, but might be perfect if you’re looking to immerse yourself in the city. You can spend afternoons walking to the National Capitol building, the Cathedral, and countless museums, and come back to the hotel for a relaxing evening on the rooftop veranda.

Places to stay in Havana Cuba: Airbnb rental

Beachfront La Pesquera: Located in Caibarién, east of Havana, this house offers a seaside view that’s unimpeded by the construction and buildings of the city, not to mention a private pool, an outdoor lounge area, ample living spaces, and a cabana by the water. At $150 a night, the price is high, but so are the reviews—and you’ll have a hotel experience.

Beachfront Airbnb rental in Havana, Cuba

VistalMorro: VistalMorro can accommodate three guests in the old part of Havana for $140 per night. The apartment is nice enough, but the real perk is its central location on the bay, and views of the Castillo de la Punta and the Castillo de los Tres Reyes del Morro.

An airbnb rental in Havana Cuba

Airbnb is a great resource for finding a hotel or B&B in Cuba’s capital, and there really are options for everyone—from high-end, luxury villas and casa particulars to tiny apartments in the city. The lack of traditional hotels in Havana might take some getting used to, but staying in a locals home only adds to the authentic experience of Havana.

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  1. I stayed at Casa Una (number 10 on the list) for 4 nights in May. It was wonderful and we had an amazing time. It is relatively quiet compare to others places, Cuba is always full of sounds.
    There are 5 bedrooms with a/c and the very top with this cool garden and pergola.
    We would highly recommend- the rooftop deck was incredible and the staff were great.



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