See Galapagos Penguins in the Wild

It was the end of an afternoon snorkeling at Sombrero Chino with Ecoventura. Also known as Chinese Hat island, this was an area notorious for spotting Galápagos penguins, and we hadn’t seen any yet. We had been warned that they were scarce, but it was the last animal on my Galápagos Islands Bucket List to observe and I didn’t want to return home without a check next to it.

Just one little penguin. Is that too much to ask?

Disappointment started to set in as our naturalist beckoned the snorkelers to come aboard the panga. As I was dismally making my way towards our dinghy, someone from our group started yelling “penguin, penguin”. I instantly did a 180 and rapidly paddled towards the reef of the sighting.

The dinghy would have to wait. I have penguins to tend to.

Penguins in Galapagos

In the distance straight ahead, two Galapagos penguins perched on the lava rock could be seen. I propelled forward with one hand and took photos with the other just in case they decided to plunge into the water before I arrived for an up close shot.

I’m coming penguins. Don’t move.

Penguins in Galapagos

They did not budge. Good penguins.

As a matter of fact, the pair decided to stick around for quite a while, posing for the paparazzi of snorkelers. They gave us many different angles to work with, as if trying to find out what their “best side” for the camera was. For future reference Mr. P, profile works best.

What makes these little critters so special is that the Galapagos penguins are the only wild penguin that lives North of the Equator and it has the smallest population size of all the penguins. These are ones that you actually don’t have to brave the bitter cold to see.

We were very lucky to catch these two lovelies.

After countless photos and before leaving our new friends, the husband and I strategically swam behind the penguins in order to get a souvenir photo with them. Proof that we were actually there.

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16 thoughts on “See Galapagos Penguins in the Wild”

  1. Those penguins sure beautiful. Hopefully they’ll procreate more in the hopes of not becoming extinct.

  2. Always wanted to see penguins.

    I need to add some of these things to my bucketlist. Already have a pretty good one, but these are awesome. Good stuff!

  3. OMG your photos are so much better than mine, good on you for getting so close! Russ is still bragging about being the penguin whisperer, seeing as how he was the first one on the trip to spot some underwater :-)

  4. Wow, what an experience. This is on our bucket list. Penguins are such beautiful animals. Great post and great photos. I really enjoyed reading this.

  5. Super photos. I’m amazed they didn’t move. I was lucky when I was there that we got to see a few also. I love the way they walk, it always fascinates me.


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