My Favorite Tripod Selfie Stick for the Iphone

As someone who’s always on the move, discovering new places, and capturing the beauty of the world, having a reliable selfie stick has become an absolute game-changer. And I have found the perfect one on Amazon: the Atumtek iPhone Selfie Stick.

Whether I’m wandering through Seattle’s Gum Wall, hiking the Inca Trail, or spelunking in California’s Moaning Caves, this trusty companion has never let me down. Let me tell you why this reasonably priced Amazon Selfie Stick is my absolute go-to gadget for making memories on the go.

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The Best Iphone Selfie Stick (with Tripod & Bluetooth!)

Why is a Selfie Stick Important?

Alright, picture this – you’re out and about, and you want to snap a killer photo, but your arm’s just not long enough. Or maybe you find yourself in an awe-inspiring place, but with no one to take your picture other than yourself. That’s where the selfie stick swoops in like a hero.

Whether you’re in a group or going solo, it’s a nifty gadget to have in your backpack, ensuring you bring back not just memories but a collection of fantastic snapshots that showcase your epic journey.

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About the Atumtek Iphone Selfie Stick

Ready to up my smartphone photography game? The Atumtek iPhone Selfie Stick is here to make it happen. With a phone bracket and clip offering full 360-degree rotation and 180-degree vertical angle, it’s my ticket to capturing the perfect shot from any angle. The phone clip is the real MVP, adjustable from 2.2 inches to 3.9 inches, making it compatible with most smartphones on the market, not just iPhones.

But that’s not all. There are lots of other great key features, like the size of the selfie stick, the Bluetooth remote, and the versatile tripod, each adding a unique dimension to my smartphone photography experience.

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1. The Size of the Selfie Stick

What’s cool about this Atumtek stick is that it’s super compact. When closed it’s only 12 inches long, which means it can easily fit in most of my travel handbags. But here’s the kicker – it can also extend up to a whopping 51 inches, giving me plenty of room to frame my shots like a pro.

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2. Bluetooth Remote

A bluetooth remote for a selfie stick is like the magic button that lets you click pictures without actually touching your phone. It’s a small gadget that connects to your phone via Bluetooth. Once connected, you can click the remote button to capture photos or start/stop recording videos from a distance, giving you more freedom and flexibility to pose and take the perfect shots without needing to set a timer or ask someone else to click the picture for you.

 The Atumtek iPhone Selfie Stick’s Bluetooth remote is easily detachable, offering me the freedom to use it exactly when I need it. Plus, it has an impressive Bluetooth range of 33 feet, so I can capture shots without being tethered to my Iphone.

But here’s the real magic: this remote comes packing a 50mAh rechargeable lithium battery, so no more hunting for disposable batteries or dealing with unexpected power shortages. It can last me a whole day of endless shooting!

3. The Tripod

But wait, there’s more! The Atumtek iPhone Selfie Stick isn’t just a stick; it’s also one of the best tripod selfie sticks available on Amazon. With non-stick silicone paddings and a double-triangle design, this tripod stand offers stability, ensuring my smartphone stays securely in place while I capture steady shots and videos. It’s the kind of stability that ensures my content comes out as smooth as silk, making it ideal for photos, videos, or any situation where I need a steady hand (or in this case, tripod)

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In a world where capturing the perfect moment is a must, the Atumtek iPhone Selfie Stick has become my unwavering sidekick. From its 360-degree rotating phone bracket and clip to its compact yet extendable size, this gadget takes your photography to a new level. Its detachable Bluetooth remote ensures shots are a breeze, with a range that frees you from being tied to your phone. And let’s not forget the stability and versatility it offers as a tripod selfie stick, complete with a sturdy, anti-slip design.

Whether I’m exploring the breathtaking landscapes of Alaska, documenting hidden gems of Cartagena, or simply having a blast in Vegas with friends, the Atumtek iPhone Selfie Stick has proven its worth time and time again. 

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