How Being Confident Will Help You Achieve Your Toughest Bucket List Challenges

Are you afraid to take necessary risks to check off the items on your bucket list? Maybe you think dreams are too risky. Don’t get daunted! Life is tough, but you’re tougher! You have your entire life to accomplish your goals, even the ones that feel like you’re preparing to hike Mount Everest. There’s so much potential, so much preparation. All that makes you worry you won’t measure up, and that’s normal. Remember why you set these goals for yourself. Believing in yourself is an essential first step to facing challenges.

Confidence seems like a small factor compared to other practical factors, but it is a vital component to overcoming any challenge. Your self-esteem and confidence have a major impact on different aspects of your life, from relationships to career and personal growth.

Amplify Your Confidence

1. Take it step by step.

Take small steps and set little goals for your big goal. Ask: How do I break this big idea up into small parts with actionable steps? Give yourself realistic goals that you feel comfortable taking the initial steps toward. This will give you a boost of confidence as you see you’re accomplishing your goal, step by step, every day.

2. It’s okay to be uncertain.

No one knows. Everyone has to start somewhere: to pick up a book or make a phone call. Some people can fake it until they make it, but you don’t have to do that to succeed. It’s okay to ask questions, even if you don’t know what the questions are.

Part of the journey is in discovering the questions for yourself. The right questions will give you chills and excite you! That’s how you know you’re on the right track.

3. Give yourself more credit.

You woke up. You are doing your best to take care of yourself and others. Even if that’s just what you do to survive, realize that you are doing the work. You know that you matter. You know what matters. You take care of business. Look at what you have accomplished, even the “smallest” of achievements matter. Do not measure your past self against your present or future self, but know that you’re doing well. Know your strengths. Redefine your “weaknesses.” Give yourself more credit and compliments!

4. Realize worrying means you care.

Ever feel like all you do is worry? If you’re feeling guilty about spending your time worrying, all you need is a shift in perspective. Worrying means you care. However, you may be stuck as a result of only worrying. Get to the root of the concern and take action to absolve your fear. Use your worry as encouragement to resolve matters.

5. Be empowered in your choices.

You have set certain goals for a reason, and those reasons are yours alone. Trust your gut, and be empowered in your choices to become more confident. At times, you’ll be faced with the criticism of others who won’t understand the risks you are taking or decisions you’re making. Criticism must be handled, or it will make you question yourself. This is done by offering empathy and sharing information and perspectives. Yet, be empowered in your own truth and choices. Criticism, when done constructively, will be an ally to you, but it can also be harmful.

6. Forget potential. Meet persistence.

Most fall in love with potential as much as they fear it. You fall in love with the potential of a vision or a person. You live in the perfection of potential but are dissatisfied because nothing ever comes of it. You must love the reality, too, and you will never know that reality until you do something about it. Part of reality is realizing you will fail, and you will fail often until you reach your goal—because you are learning and growing. Vision is beautiful and motivational. However, you need to say hello to persistence to move forward.

7. Tap into your support system.

There are people all around you, ready and willing, to offer the information you need, help you locate resources, inspire you and cheer you on. Even if you don’t know who to ask or what questions to ask, all you have to do is talk! Your obvious authenticity and excitement about your goals will show others that you’re ready to do this! People love talking about themselves, too, and when they have a resource for you that’s too perfect not to pass on, rest assured that it will be passed on to you. Find your support network among friends, family, spiritual institutions, business networks or even in line at the coffee shop.

8. Live in the present.

Let go. You will do human things, like “fail” and ask beginner questions. It’s all in perspective and experience. That’s really what bucket lists are about—experience.

Live in the now and let confidence come to you in the moment. By living mindfully in the present you will be prepared for any opportunity that arises.

Life changes in the blink of an eye, and confidence keeps you centered and focused. Being confident will help you achieve your simplest and toughest bucket list challenges.

Challenges are hard because they make you face your fears and question your sense of security. Dreams are worth the risk of daring to ask “stupid” questions, trying something new with a friend and having different dreams than others.

You’ve got this!


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