Hands Down the Best 8 Places to Live in Maine

New England has a charm that never ceases to draw new and repeat tourist’s year after year, and there’s a reason for it. From mountains, to beaches to scenic walks through idyllic towns, Maine has something offer just about anyone, which is why many of those visitors end up coming back to stay.

Here are the best 8 out there, and if you aren’t considering relocating to the great state of Maine yet, you may after reading about these locations below.

1. York Beach, Maine

Part of the Yorks of Maine, York Beach is a sleepy, close-knit community during the off season and a hopping tourist paradise in the summer months. It has an old-fashioned boardwalk to take strolls on, a beautiful beach to sun yourself on and more food choices than you can shake a stick at. As one of the oldest oceanfront communities in Maine, you’ll have a place of residence steeped in history and tradition. York Beach is also an animal friendly community, and prides itself on being a welcoming a community for everyone.

York Beach Maind

2. Belfast, Maine

The coastal city of Belfast is where you’ll want to settle if you’re an aspiring entrepreneur – who also likes a great view. The city is cozily found between Belfast Bay and Passagasawakeag River, and the community encourages the support of local businesses, farmers markets and cooperatives. It’s an ideal place for a new business owner to get their feet wet with a community of support behind them.

A lighthouse on the Maine Coast

3. Portland, Maine

Maybe one of the more well-known cities in Maine, Portland has a reputation for a reason. It’s not only a popular destination during the warmer months, but also boasts some of the most stunning landscapes in the autumn. You truly can’t invent scenery like this. On top of that, the community of Portland has a growing craft beer industry, and is of course home to the delicious Maine lobster. It’s a home-sweet- home community the moment you arrive, and the sunrise from the Portland Head lighthouse will seal the deal. You’ll never want to leave, and the community will happily keep you.

Woodfour in Sebastopol Beer Flight

4. Kennebunkport, Maine

An interesting them among the cities and towns of Maine is the welcoming atmosphere for locals and non-natives alike. The same goes for Kennebunkport. Another pet-friendly city and locale full of great food and landscapes, Kennebunkport will steal your heart from the very beginning and keep it through its laid-back and relaxed community. An added bonus if you have a family, or plan on starting one, the area has some of the best schools in the state.

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Boats in Maine Kennebunkport

5. Rangeley, Maine

A winner of the DownEast magazine’s Best Places to Live in Maine for 2016, Rangeley should also be on your list of options for relocation. Though remote and away from quite a few amenities, it’s the charm of this city that puts it in the top. It attracts residents who love the great outdoors, and often, young residents that leave for studies end up returning to make home there. It has a welcoming and close-knit community that gets in your heart and stays there.

6. Chebeague Island, Maine

Technically the newest town in Maine, Chebeague Island is located off the coast near Portland, and is made up of 17 total islands. Many of its residents are active participants in the sustainability of the island and work to do so through community activities and initiatives. This town would be a great option for nature lovers and those looking to live in a community that understands the importance of social and environmental symbiosis. A bonus: its close proximity to Portland also gives you access to all the amenities of a larger city.

Lobster Roll at the Clam Shack in Kennebunkport maine

7. Cornish, Maine

This bucolic town is in close proximity to the White Mountains, and offers more scenic trails and hikes than you can imagine. Some are privately owned and require permission, but the community itself once again keeps with the trend of other Maine towns and loves welcoming new neighbors. The Cornish Association of Businesses also take a very actively role in this aspect of the community as well, ensuring that growth is both healthy manageable. If you’re looking for scenic hikes and an active business community, Cornish is the place for you.

8. Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Another town in proximity of the Portland area, Cape Elizabeth will enchant you with its epic ocean views and inspire you with its innovative Greenbelt plan. This plan maintains the rural integrity of the historic town, protects the local wildlife and also integrates trails into this sustainable eco-system so humans and nature can interact without damaging one or the other. It’s another great option for nature lovers and environmental advocates as well. No matter what your preference is for a new residence, you’re sure to find an option that you’ll love in Maine. Beautiful natural landscapes, great food and history as well as welcoming communities – it really doesn’t get much better than that.

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