Why You Should Use GetYourGuide in Your Travels

If you’re a passionate traveler like me, the whole “life is short“ thing, no matter how cliché, might be your vibe too. 

And it really comes into play when you’re stuck in a 2-hour line for a tour in a new city that you’re not even sure you’ll enjoy. 

Sometimes you end up having a great experience, and sometimes…well, sometimes it’s a total waste of time and money. 

For the longest time, I thought that’s just how it is. For the longest time, I thought that’s just how it is—a total crapshoot whether you’re going to have a good experience or not. 

But then I realized it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, I no longer wait in lines in new cities, I only spend money on activities I know I will enjoy, and I never stress about being there on time… 

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Beating Your Bucket List And Enjoying Every Experience

Sometimes, the activities we find in new cities just aren’t that good. When you’ve seen half the world and tried hundreds of things, you just know that a good portion of those will… suck. 

So how do you beat your bucket list, but keep enjoying every city you visit like it’s the only one you ever will?

GetYourGuide might be the right answer. It certainly seems to be for their 25+ million users, and definitely was for me. 

With GetYourGuide, you can really get immersed into experiences in a brand new city without any doubt that you’ll enjoy ’em. 

It really takes the weight off of your shoulders. 

The moment you start using it, you’ll be cruising through new city streets like you belong. Your confidence will soar because your next big thing is around the corner, already taken care of. 

How Does GetYourGuide Help You Explore New Cities?

I might’ve been so hyped up about this that I’ve just realized I haven’t even told you what I’m talking about exactly. 

GetYourGuide is a simple app that I discovered while exploring Thailand. It helps you find experiences in new places that 25+ million other people have enjoyed and rated.

That last part is crucially important. 

Before booking your next experience through the app, you can see how other travelers rated it. This alone kills off a good amount of sucky experiences that you otherwise might have wasted time and money on. 

Whether you’re looking for the best selfie spot in town, best local cuisine, tours, places to stay, sights to see or museums to visit…  Without waiting in line, without worrying about open or close hours… 

Annette White at alk through a Rice Terrace in Indonesia

You do realize just how big this is for us travelers?

You can fly to a random country and once you’re there, open GetYourGuide and book your next activity with a couple of taps, avoid waiting in line or worry about tickets or passes.

There Are Other Travel Apps (ugh, there are gazillions)

Before installing GetYourGuide, I went online to do some good ol’ looking. And boy, I was glad to see that their founders are travelers too. One of them traveled to over 70 countries in search of adventure. A check in my book for sure. 

And what’s even better, they’re huge – like $1 billion in investments huge – and while I’m typically skeptical about big companies, I loved seeing this. 


Because it’s riskier using a new travel app that comes from start-ups that are in “beta” mode, meaning that they don’t yet have the necessary experience to make you feel secure that they are doing the travel app right.

One of the things I really like is the amount of discounts and even free passes I got in their traveler’s Welcome Bundle. 

There’s a ton more, and I really don’t want to write a full review, I just wanted to use this opportunity to share something that changed the way I travel. 

So I’ll leave it at that for now, if you’d like to go ahead and see what’s waiting for you in their traveler’s welcome bundle on your own – visit GetYourGuide and download the app. 

See you in the world, traveler! 

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  1. I absolutely love GetYourGuide. I was really excited to become an affiliate for that company on my blog, unfortunately, I never got any clicks and I think I got kicked off the platform, but this post just made me realize why I should be advocating for it!! I used it in Turkey when looking for a good Hammam and it did not disappoint.


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