Easter Bucket List: 20 Fun Activities and Things to Do

Almost as soon as spring rolls around (and you’re in full-swing with your spring bucket list!) it’s time to start celebrating its main highlight: Easter! This pastel colored and chocolate filled holiday may have religious origins, but nothing is stopping each one of us from enjoying fun activities on this special day.

From decorating your own outfit accessories for the upcoming Easter feast to laughing yourself silly while creating some delicious Easter-themed treats, here are some great ideas and things to do on Easter, all of which can be enjoyed by both grown-ups and kids! Nearly all of these can be indulged in from the comfort of your home, making Easter a super easy holiday to fully immerse yourself in.

A Bucket List of Fun Ideas, Activities and Things to Do on Easter

1. ✧ Attend an Easter Parade

Do check out if your local region will be hosting any kind of a parade for Easter – or a spring parade, if there isn’t one for celebrating Easter specifically. Watching a parade like this is a fun and easy way to kick start your spring season.

2. ✧ Bake Easter Bread

What is Easter bread? Well, it can actually simply be any of your favorite breads, but with a sprinkle of Easter added into the mix, for example in the form of Easter chocolates or by making the bread in the shape of a bunny. But if you want your Easter activities to include the actual traditional Easter bread, here is a bomb recipe for making it (it’s similar to the kind my Italian grandmother used to make!).

Baked Easter Bread

3. ✦ Decorate Easter Eggs

Painting and decorating the Easter eggs is one of those things to do on Easter that you’ll enjoy whether you’re an adult or a child. You can stick to beautifully painting the eggs with your favorite colors, or you may want to try to add some additional decoration on them.

You can buy the standard Paas easter egg decorating kit, or take your eggs to the next level with Good Housekeeping’s 60 creative egg decorating ideas (I’m loving the pressed flower easter eggs!).

4. ✧ Do an Easter Craft

For Easter season you’ll want to decorate your house with pastel colors, bunnies, chicks, grass, decorated eggs and what have you. It’s always fun to do crafts with the kids—and here’s 52 of them—but, there are also some great grown-up Easter craft ideas that us adults are sure to love!

5. ✦ Eat Cadbury Eggs

Simply put, no Easter is complete without indulging in some chocolate eggs! There are a wide range of brands out there making their own, but the creamy Cadbury eggs are where it’s at in terms of taste and quality, at least in my opinion. So do include some on your shopping list for Easter treats.

6. ✦ Eat a Chocolate Easter Bunny

Equally quintessential to do on Easter as eating a chocolate egg is to devour a chocolate Easter bunny. If there’s one holiday during which it’s more criminal not to eat yourself silly with chocolatey treats, it’s Easter, so throw your shame away and freely eat your weight in chocolate this Easter. You can get a simple one at almost any grocery store, but if you want to be extra indulgent try Godiva’s milk chocolate bunny or the life-size ones at Gardin Road.  

Must do Easter Activity: Eat a Chocolate Easter Bunny

7. ✦ Eat Jelly Beans

Did you know that jelly beans are also considered a traditional Easter treat? Yup, time to add another delicious item to your list of things to do on Easter! Jelly beans have officially been seen as an Easter treat since the 1930s, but it’s said to have roots dating back far longer than that, all the way to Biblical times–and even if they didn’t have such long history related to Easter, their colorfulness makes them a great springtime décor in your home when placed in a bowl.

8. ✦ Get Some Bunny or Chick Peeps

One more sweet treat you must include in your Easter traditions are the bunny and chick peeps marshmallows! They’re shaped like other animals as well, but for Easter it’s specifically the bunny and chick ones you’ll want to get. They’ll deliciously melt in your mouth upon eating, but you can also use them for crafting and decoration if you think you’ve already had your fill of sugar with all the above items.

9. ✦ Go on an Easter Egg Hunt

Perhaps your town or neighborhood or friend will arrange an Easter egg hunt you’d like to join? If not, it can be loads of fun to have one at home, utilizing both indoors and outdoors. Hide both the decorated eggs as well as some chocolate ones, then enjoy watching as your kids and/or friends search for them. 

10. ✦ Go to Church on Easter Sunday

Besides Christmas, Easter is the other holiday where you’ll want to attend church even if you’re not an active church goer otherwise. It’s an important religious holiday and the services are usually beautiful and full of inspiration for life.

11. ✧ Grow Easter Grass

Easter grass is one of the simplest and most fun Easter decorations you can add to your house and Easter dinner table. The seeds are affordable to buy and the grass itself is typically easy to grow. You can take a look at these directions to learn how to grow your own Easter grass.

12. ✦ Host an Easter Dinner

Especially if you did not get to host the previous Christmas dinner, it’s your turn to shine now by hosting a feast for Easter! Southern Living has 27 traditional Easter dinner recipes that’ll impress guests. Just in case you’re interested in making your dinner feast a little more creative, check out the handful of worldwide Easter food traditions

13. ✧ Make (& Wear) an Easter Bonnet

Traditionally, originating from Europe, the idea of having a brand new bonnet—and clothes—to wear on Easter signals and celebrates new life and rebirth, which is what spring and especially Easter is all about. Easter Bonnets are fun to decorate with flower wreaths or all sort of Easter-related colors and shapes and symbols (like chicks and bunnies), and you’ll totally love to wear your creation on your head for Easter feast. 

I made the bonnet below totally out of supplies bought from the Dollar Store. The entire thing (including the hat itself) cost me less than $10!

14. ✦ Make an Easter Basket for Someone

You can find a cute basket perfect for decorating easily from a drugstore and the decorations themselves shouldn’t be difficult to acquire either. Once you have a cutely decorated basket, you can then fill it up with one of these amazing ideas for Easter basket fillings.

Make an Easter Basket for Someone

15. ✧ Make Homemade Candy

In addition to the store bought chocolate eggs and bunnies you may be inclined to treat yourself and the little ones to some special homemade candy. Making your own candy may seem like one of those activities that is too hard to attempt, but it’s actually easier than you think. And Taste of Home helps you out with 40 recipes that are better than what the bunny brings (if you make the Crispy Peanut Butter Balls please send me some!).

16. ✧ Make Easter Cards

Are you feeling crafty but not enough for going all the way of making a bonnet or a basket? Or perhaps you’ve made them already but inspiration for crafting keeps on overflowing? Easter cards can be a sweet activity for the whole family to participate in making, with which you can spread your spring and Easter joy to your loved ones living far away.

17. ✧ Participate in an Egg & Spoon Race

If your town arranges for any kind of a spring festival, an Egg & Spoon Race is likely to be among the activities offered. And if there isn’t any races like that offered in any shape or fashion near where you live, how about hosting your own in your backyard? It can be a fun Easter activity even with a small group of people – here is a simple description of how to play this game.

18. ✧ Plant Flowers

Easter at the latest should mark the beginning of spring. And no spring is perfect without our surroundings filling up with flowers in bloom! Whether you only have access to pots inside your home or have a lot of space in the backyard to play around with, the Easter holiday makes for an excellent time to plant some beautiful flowers you’ll soon get to see bloom.

Plant Flowers for Easter

19. ✧ Watch “It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown”

Just like Christmas has its own specials you can’t miss out on watching each year the holiday rolls around, so does Easter. “It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown” is a holiday classic so don’t forget to check the listings for when it’ll pop up on the TV so that you can enjoy another one of these quintessential Easter activities.

20. ✧ Wear Bunny Ears

Is wearing an Easter Bonnet not your thing? Another great and cute idea is to wear bunny ears as well! They go perfectly with the spirit and symbols of Easter plus are easy to find at a dollar store or online (there are tons on Amazon); or if you’re feeling crafty, how about making your own unique and one of a kind set of bunny ears?

Wear Bunny Ears for Easter

These creative things to do on Easter are an excellent way to get started on building up your happy spirit for the holiday. Plus, many of them are super easy to try, often with delicious and tummy-filling results.

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