Exploring Half Moon Bay’s Spanish Town and its Dinosaurs

In the picturesque coastal enclave of Half Moon Bay, Northern California, a quirky gem awaits curious travelers (like myself), Spanish Town. It is an unexpected blend of historical charm and whimsical vibrancy that has become home to a pretty weird attraction – life-sized dinosaurs. It definitely deserves a spot on your bucket list of things to do in Half Moon Bay.

Exploring Half Moon Bay's Spanish Town and its Dinosaurs

What is the Spanish Town Shop in Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay’s Spanish Town shop is one of the few places that you can purchase a dog statue, shells and Spanish pottery all in one shot. The small store offers a kaleidoscope of handmade treasures and local masterpieces—from intricately designed ceramics to vibrant paintings that mirror the coastal beauty. Plus, it showcases the talents of many local and distant artisans.

But, the real surprise is the ginormous dinosaurs that hang out in front of the shop.

Half Moon Bay Spanish Town Dinosaur in California

Why Dinosaurs in Spanish Town?

The dinosaurs serve as more than just static sculptures – they are a testament to the idea that even in our daily routines, there exists room for magic and adventure.

These colossal sculptures, capturing the essence of a bygone era, not only provide excellent photo opportunities but also serve as a reminder that unexpected wonders can be found in the most ordinary of places.

Half Moon Bay Spanish Town Dinosaur in California

How Many Dinosaurs & What Kind?

At this location, you’ll encounter an impressive array of about a dozen dinosaurs, including the formidable T-Rex, the majestic Triceratops, a towering mammoth, and even the colossal presence of a brontosaurus. The sculptures aren’t limited to just dinosaurs, there’s also animals like horses and giraffes.

Half Moon Bay Spanish Town Dinosaur in California

Where is Spanishtown Located

This quirky attraction can be found Just off Highway 92 in Half Moon Bay, California.

Half Moon Bay Spanish Town Dinosaur in California

So, for those venturing to Half Moon Bay, a visit to Spanish Town promises a unique blend of historical allure and fantastical whimsy. A leisurely stroll through its dinosaur sculptures offers more than just a peek into the past; it’s a journey back to a time when colossal creatures roamed the Earth.

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  1. I spend New Years in HMB and passed this place as we left. I made a mental note to go back. It looks like they have a lot of fruit stands in the area too, which made me super exited!


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