The Dinosaurs of Spanish Town in Half Moon Bay

Occasionally (really, more often than not), I need an escape. I unfold my trusty, tattered map to see where I can travel that is close enough for a day trip, but far enough from my restaurant that I can not be called in to work to cover a shift for the ailing dishwasher or hungover server. This day I was driving the hour and twenty minutes to a beachy town in Northern California, where seeing the Dinosaurs of Spanish Town was on the short list of things to do in Half Moon Bay.

Seeing the Cool Dinosaurs of Spanish Town

Don’t be scared. We are not talking about real dinosaurs here. Just these gigantic fake ones made out of old rusty tin, not frightening, just plain weird with a tad of whimsical thrown in. Doesn’t that sound just like something I would want to see?
I was using GPS to find my way, but it turns out that you can’t really miss the large antiquated beasts in Spanishtown, just feet from the road. There were several life-size creatures hanging out waiting for children, or children at heart (the finger is pointed directly at me), to pay them some attention.

It is one of the few places that you can purchase a dog statue, shells and Spanish pottery all in one shot. Don’t plan on spending hours exploring this unique attraction, but do make a pit stop here on the way to the beach.

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2 thoughts on “The Dinosaurs of Spanish Town in Half Moon Bay”

  1. I spend New Years in HMB and passed this place as we left. I made a mental note to go back. It looks like they have a lot of fruit stands in the area too, which made me super exited!


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