Often overlooked, luggage tags for your suitcase are a surprisingly vital travel accessory to keep on you (and your bags!). Many of us simply write our names in a rush on the paper tag we receive during check-in – if even that! And we don’t give it another thought, of course until our baggage gets lost.

We know that bag tags are critical, but they can also be fashionable and show your personality. From leather to personalized and funny to monogrammed, these are the cutest luggage tags for your travel baggage. PS: they also make the perfect gift for any traveler.

Cute Luggage Tags: The Best for Your Suitcase, Baggage, Backpack & Travel Bag

Why is Having Tags on Luggage Important

There are a couple of reasons why having a tag on your baggage is important. For one, the luggage tag you put on your suitcase makes it faster for you to recognize which bag is yours when it comes on the baggage claim carousel. If your luggage happens to be of a fairly common design or color (I’m talking to you Mr. Black Suitcase!), without a tag offering it a unique twist, you could find yourself lifting up 5 strangers’ bags before you finally grab the right one.

Including bag tags will also wildly decrease the chances of your luggage getting lost. Because it clearly states your name on the bag, it is less likely for someone to accidentally collect your bag, including airport staff. Additionally, thieves would be less inclined to grab a bag that has a clear identification tag on it; it’s simply easier to get away by snagging an unmarked bag that they could play as their own or as an accidental grab.

When properly tagged, you also lessen the possibility of arriving at your destination without your luggage in tow! And if your luggage does happen to get misplaced? They’ll know right away who it belongs to and who to contact.

What Information Should be Written on a Bags Tag

Start by adding your personal basic information on the luggage tags. This includes your first and family name, address and phone number. In the case of the address, it is up to your discretion whether you wish to include the information of the hotel you’ll be staying in or your home address; the address on the bag tags is the address your luggage will be sent to in case it gets misplaced.

Additionally, adding an emergency contact to your bag tag may also be good essential information to include. This is good in case they cannot reach you or if it’s easier for someone from home to claim your baggage while you’re on your trip. And if space permits, you might be inclined to add other means to contact you by, such as your e-mail or social media accounts. Some tags today also come with a photo space, and including your face shot may speed up the process of having your luggage returned to you in case of misplacement.

Custom, Personalized & Monogrammed Luggage Tags

Now that you know the importance of luggage tags and what type of information to include in them, maybe you’d like to find out about the different kinds of cute and fun luggage tags out there? You can always go for a basic one, after all they are easy to find and shop for, with many of them being offered in cute designs.

However, perhaps you want a more unique bag tag to decorate your luggage with? In this case, you can create your own luggage tag by choosing your own photo, stock image or a color scheme for the tag. Not only will it be a one of a kind, but it’ll be an expression of your personality. A luggage tag with your name and/or initials monogrammed into the tag is a super sleek and stylish option as well. There are several different styles to choose from, Zazzle and Etsy are good avenues for inspiration, but here are top picks. 

Leatherette Custom Luggage Tag from OHCGIFTS {Shop Now}


Paris-Themed Personalized Baggage Tag from INDEXURBAN {Shop Now}

Paris Theme Personalized Luggage Tag

Engraved Luggage Tag with Contact Card from MUUJEE {Shop Now}

Engraved Luggage Tag with Contact Card

Equestrian Leather Monogrammed Luggage Tag from ARTIFACT {Shop Now}

Equestrian Leather Luggage Tag

Monogrammed Floral Wreath Luggage Tag from ARTPRESSSTUDIO {Shop Now}

Monogrammed Floral Wreath Luggage Tag, Poppies on Mint Wood,

Personalized Wood Luggage ID Tags from PQRSCREATIONS {Shop Now}

Personalized Wood Luggage ID Tags

Engraved ID Tag from EASTCOASTENGRAVING {Shop Now}

Engraved World Map Bag Id

Engraved Leather from SHELTERISLANDPAPER {Shop Now}

Engraved Acrylic Personalized Luggage Tag

Engraved Acrylic Tag from LITTLEDOTSTUDIO {Shop Now}

Engraved Square Luggage Tag

Personalized Leather Bag Tags

Leather luggage tags are well-liked because they are incredibly durable, typically being accompanied by an equally durable solid strap. Their look is also usually stylish. It’s possible to order yourself a customized leather luggage tag as well, although perhaps not with the same exact features as a bag tag made from another material.

Personalized & Leather from IRONANDGRAINUSA {Shop Now} 

Engraved Leather luggage tag

Mr. & Mrs. Personalized from LIFETIMECREATIONS {Shop Now}

Mr. & Mrs. Engraved Leather luggage tag 


Engraved Square Leather luggage tag

Other Cute Luggage Tags

Sometimes you may just want something cute that lets your personality shine through without having it be customized. Or you want a fun bag tag to give as a gift without having to submit the recipients information. Here’s some top options for that:

Light Camel Hide MARK AND GRAHAM {Shop Now}


Anthropologie Ciao Luggage Tag {Shop Now}

Anthropologie Ciao Luggage Tag

Elephant Baggage Tag from AMAZON {Shop Now}

Elephant Baggage Tag

World Map Luggage Name Tags from AMAZON {Shop Now}

World Map Luggage Name Tags

PIXNOR Metal Travel Luggage from AMAZON {Shop Now}PIXNOR Metal Travel Luggage

ALAZA Watercolor Alpaca from AMAZON {Shop Now}

Watercolor Alpaca Luggage Tag

Happy Travel Bag Tag from AMAZON {Shop Now}

Happy Travel Bag Tag

Shades of Blue from AMAZON {Shop Now}

Shades of Blue

Fun & Funny Luggage Tags

Your bag tags can also be funny and humorous! Usually people will go for a funny picture or a quirky text like “catch flights, not feelings” or “alpaca my bags”. As long as it fits on the tag, you basically have anything between the sun and moon to choose as your luggage tag cover. You can shop around on Etsy and Amazon for readymade funny luggage tags, or you might want to come up with your own customized one.

We’ve All Got Baggage, But This Isn’t Your’s from JAMMINTHREAD {Shop Now} 

Fun & Funny Luggage Tags


Fun & Funny Luggage Tags

You Can’t Handle My Baggage from JAMMINTHREAD {Shop Now} 

Fun & Funny Luggage Tags

No. Yours is the Other Black Bag from 904 CUSTOM {Shop Now}

Fun & Funny Luggage Tags

Suitcase Tags by Luxury Brands

If you’re ready to splurge for a stylish and attention capturing bag tag, you may be interested in searching around until you find yourself a one by a luxury brand. For example, Louis Vuitton offers luggage tags that you’ll totally fall in love with if you like their usual style. You’ll probably have to visit a store in person or purchase through a reseller if you want to grab yourself one, though. Kate Spade also offers some affordable and absolutely gorgeous luggage tags that’ll go perfectly with the other accessories you may already own from the brand.

Kate Spade Bird Party Luggage Tag {Shop Now}

Kate Spade Tag

Hermes Room 24 Luggage Tag {Shop Now} 

Hermes Luggage Tag

Nicole Miller Linear & Optic Print {Shop Now} 

Nicole Miller Suitcase Tag

Lilly Pulitzer Pineapple Shaped Luggage Tag {Shop Now} 

Lilly Pulitzer Pineapple Shaped Luggage Tag

Basically, it’s essential for you to include luggage tags attached to your luggage, if you want to avoid having your luggage misplaced or stolen between check-in and baggage claim. And having the bag tags secured on your luggage will also help you enormously in a situation where your suitcase somehow did not make it to the flight or was sent to the wrong destination. Without this identification on your luggage, it will be difficult to claim your bag back, or get assistance in finding it and having it returned to you.

If travel safety is a concern, read 35 safety travel tips to know before your next trip.

But luckily having a luggage tag on your bag is actually a fun addition, if you think about it! It’s easy to find tags that are stylish, pretty or funny, and rarely do they cost you a lot of money. So if you don’t have a cute one yet for your bag, today’s a great time to start shopping around for yours!

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