Cute Luggage Tags: 25 of the Best Ones for Your Travel Bag

Often overlooked, luggage tags for your suitcase are a surprisingly vital travel accessory to keep on you (and your bags!). Many of us simply write our names in a rush on the paper tag we receive during check-in – if even that! And we don’t give it another thought, of course until our baggage gets lost.

We know that bag tags are critical, but they can also be fashionable and show your personality. From leather to personalized and funny to monogrammed, these are the cutest luggage tags for your travel baggage. PS: they also make the best gift for any traveler.

25 Cute Luggage Tags to Brighten Your Travels

Cute and Fun Luggage Tags for Your Bag: From Leather to Personalized to Designer

Custom, Personalized & Monogrammed Luggage Tags

Personalized Luggage ID Tags


Personalized Luggage ID Tags

PQRSCreations $23.50

This cute luggage tag is actually made of bamboo wood. It is laser cut and engraved.

Personalized Luggage Tag


Personalized Luggage Tag

shelterislandpaper $14.00

This engraved and personalized luggage tag will help make your bag stand out in the crowd.

Personalized Luggage Tag


Personalized Luggage Tag

LittleDotStudio $13.00

This personalized acrylic tag is durable enough to survive the demands of travel.


Personalized Harvest Flowers Luggage Tag

Origami Prints $11.31

Your luggage will be hard to miss on the carousel with this cute bag tag.

Personalized Leather Bag Tags

Personalized Mr & Mrs Luggage Tags Pair 3-2


Personalized Mr & Mrs Luggage Tags Pair

Lifetime Creations $22.98

This vegan leather is a classic Mr. and Mrs. design. You can even add their last names and wedding date!

Personalized Passport Cover & Luggage Tag Set


Personalized Passport Cover & Luggage Tag Set

EcoEngrave $17.99+

This custom luggage tag and passport cover set is custom laser engraved.

Suitcase Tags by Luxury DESIGNER Brands

Room 24 Luggage Tag


Room 24 Luggage Tag

Hermes $840

If you’re looking for a luggage tag made by a designer brand, then this Hermes is a fun one!

Endless Road Luggage Tag


“Endless Road” Luggage Tag

Hermes $1200

Another luxury luggage tag by Hermes.

Luggage Tag


Luggage Tag

Bottega Veneta $190

Intreccio rubber silicone luggage tag

Other Cute Luggage Tags

2 Pack Luggage Tags for Suitcases


2-Pack Luggage Tags for Suitcases

Nicole Miller $15.99

This is a 2-pack of fun bag tags to use while traveling. You can easily put them on suit cases, luggage, carry-ons, handbags, and backpacks.

And so the adventure continues luggage tag


And So The Adventure Continues Luggage Tag

Coffee and Paper co. $13.39

This sturdy and weatherproof luggage tag will help you stand out at the luggage carousel and will stand up to the demands of travel.

Frumpy Cat Luggage Tag


Frumpy Cat Luggage Tag

The Charming Crumbb $11.31

How cute will this frumpy cat bag tag look on your suitcase or backpack?

Mountains Bilbo Baggins JRR Tolkien Luggage Tag


Mountains Bilbo Baggins JRR Tolkien Luggage Tag

CurrysLeather $5.00



Paws Off Peeking Cat Funny Luggage Tag


Paws Off Peeking Cat Funny Luggage Tag

Sunny Oak Studio $11.31

Another fun cat identification tag, because one cat bag tag isn’t enough! Printed using the AcryliPrint®HD printing process.

Vintage illustration I Love camera Luggage Tag


Vintage Illustration I Love camera Luggage Tag

Vintage Graphic Art $11.61

If you are a photography lover then this one is for you. You will definitely stand out in the airport with this one.


Silicone Luggage Tag with Name ID Card

Ovener $7.99

You can bend this luggage tag without breaking it because it is made durable Silicone. And the airplane is cute too!

Star WStar Wars Luggage Tag Darth Vaderars Luggage Tag Darth Vader


Star Wars Luggage Tag Darth Vader

American Tourister $6.99

This rubber molded id tag is a unique one!

Take Notice Luggage Tag


Take Notice Luggage Tag

The Animal Rescue Site $7.95

Cats are the best! It will be easy to identify your bag with this sweet animal on it.

My Neighbor Totoro Luggage Tag


My Neighbor Totoro Luggage Tag

Ghibli Store $9.95

How cute is this little totoro? Your suitcase will be the most stylish one with this cutie on it!

Colorful Retro Stripes 70s 80s Golden Brown Orange Luggage Tag


Colorful Retro Stripes 70s 80s Golden Brown Orange Luggage Tag

oak & turner $13.69

This retro rainbow can even be personalized with your name or your favorite saying.

Black Indian Elephant Luggage Tag


Black Indian Elephant Luggage Tag

Gocektr $16.99

This beautiful elephant tag will be great for any travel destination, but especially if you’re heading to Asia.

2 Pcs Privacy Cover Luggage Tags


2 Pcs Privacy Cover Luggage Tags

Fintie $9.99

This 2-piece set is covered in beautiful blossoms. You can put one on your suitcase and one on your backpack!

2 Pack Luggage Tag for Suitcase


2 Pack Luggage Tag for Suitcase

COWDIY $9.99

This 2-pack has a pretty butterflies that would look great on your luggage.

Alpaca Luggage Tags for Suitcases-2


Alpaca Luggage Tags for Suitcases

Givotin $11.99

I love this one because it reminds me of my travels in Peru.

Women's The Getaway Luggage Tag


Women’s The Getaway Luggage Tag $10.95

“I’m Outta Here”…enough said.

Basically, it’s essential for you to include luggage tags attached to your luggage, if you want to avoid having your luggage misplaced or stolen between check-in and baggage claim. And having the bag tags secured on your luggage will also help you enormously in a situation where your suitcase somehow did not make it to the flight or was sent to the wrong destination. Without this identification on your luggage, it will be difficult to claim your bag back, or get assistance in finding it and having it returned to you.

If travel safety is a concern, read 35 safety travel tips to know before your next trip.

But luckily having a luggage tag on your bag is actually a fun addition, if you think about it! It’s easy to find tags that are stylish, pretty or funny, and rarely do they cost you a lot of money. So if you don’t have a cute one yet for your bag, today’s a great time to start shopping around for yours!

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