Annette White working on her computer

How to Make Money Blogging: 7 Ways to Monetize

You can make money blogging—and here's the top ways I monetize! It's best to start these techniques…

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Annette White Partnership with Herbal Essence Bio Renew

Herbal Essences bio:renew’s Birch Bark Extract Collection Brings Back Memories of Maine

Herbal Essences bio:renew Birch Bark Extract collection not only protects my strands from the damages travel can…

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Annette White Working in India

Become a Blogger: How to Start a Successful Blog in 6 Easy Steps

Have you been dreaming about writing your own successful blog? These easy steps will have you on…

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Jordan Dead Sea

Blogging 101 Tips: 10 Beginner Mistakes to Avoid (& How to Fix Them)

Learning from others blogging mistakes will help take your beginner site to the next level, much quicker…

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Jordan Dead Sea

9 Things Not to Do When Writing a Book

The Bucket List Adventures book has been handed over to the publishing house editors, which gives me…

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Annette White with her Book Advance Check

Dream Day: I Got a Book Deal

I literally get hundreds of emails a day, three quarters of which I trash before evening opening.…

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Peter & Annette

My Day Job as an Italian Trattoria Restaurateur

When I am not traveling the world making checks on my bucket list, you can find me…

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Keep a Daily Journal

16 Creative Ways to Stay Motivated

It is completely natural for your ambition to be at different stages during the lifetime of a…

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