Pools Slide on Costa Smeralda Cruise Ship

What to Expect Aboard the Costa Smeralda Cruise Ship

Cruise Italian-style on the Costa Smeralda ship! Beautiful Mediterranean (& beyond) destinations, excursions, and decks of restaurants…

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A serving of Ugali on a restaurant

Ugali (Nshima): All About Africa’s Staple Food

Is Ugali a porridge? How many calories does it have? How to make a the traditional African…

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A place in Guyana where you can go Piranha Fishing

A Guide to Piranha Fishing (& Eating) in the South American Rainforest

Facts you need to know about piranha fishing (from rods to reels to bait) and answering questions…

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Annette wearing mud on her body before swimming to the Dead Sea.

The Ultimate Guide to Floating in Jordan’s Dead Sea

What is Dead Sea? Why is it called the Dead Sea? Here are some facts and history…

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Rhinos in the middle of Safari

The African Big Five: The Top 5 Animals to Spot on Safari

What is the African Big Five and where can you spot them? Here is a list of…

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Epic Outdoor Featured Photo

5 Epic Outdoor Weekend Trips from San Francisco

Need an outdoor getaway in Northern California? From Yosemite to Big Sur these are the best weekend…

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Halong Bay Featured Photo

Halong Bay Day Trip: The Best Vietnam Junk Boat Cruise

The best Halong Bay cruise is an easy day trip from Hanoi and you can enjoy the…

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London Tube Featured Photo

London Tube Tips: 12 Ways to Navigate the City’s Underground

The London Underground can be hard to navigate, but with these tube tips you'll be riding it…

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Annette in Italy

35 Travel Safety Tips to Know Before Your Next Trip

Safety when traveling is always a top priority and these are the best vacation tips and advice…

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