Sitges, Spain Bucket List: Fun Things to Do

After hearing numerous favorable things about Sitges, Spain we decided to breakaway from all of the zorbing, flamenco dancing and segwaying the streets of Barcelona to spend a half day in this neighboring town.

The quaint town of Sitges is a seaside city, on the Catalan coast, filled with character, charm and bucket list worthy adventures.

It is 35 kilometers Southwest of Barcelona, an easy 40 minute train ride. Even for foreigners like me who are “sense of direction” challenged.

The train dropped us off just a block from the main section and the first thing we did stop by Enrich bakery for some pizza by the pound.

Not the typical Spanish meal, but sometimes you just need a tapas break. Rarely, but sometimes.

After getting loaded up on carb energy, we started to aimlessly roam the cobbled roads, passing numerous cats along the way.

The road led to an interesting shop, the Fish Spa Bonaire, that boasted a fish pedicure experience.

Fish Pedicure in Sitges, Spain

For 15,00 you can let little fish nibble on your toes in order to remove dead skin and make them silky smooth. I easily convinced Peter to partake in this new adventure. And he liked it. Don’t let him tell you differently.

Our tootsies were feeling relaxed and ready for more strolling. We were immediately struck by the cities ornate architecture.

The dazzling doors easily competed with those of Northern Italy.

The doorways led to the seaside.

There are seventeen sand beaches in Sitges, some of them nudist. So, if “Walk on a Nude Beach” is on your bucket list, this may be the perfect place to do it. If not, just a walk along the paved pathways is worthwhile.

Of course, no day trip would be complete without a bit of shopping. And there is no lack of unique items to choose from.

Who doesn’t want to go home with a steel bulldog? Now that’s a souvenir.

We built up an appetite by then and popped into the first pintxos restaurant we saw.

You can indulge on pintxos, a toothpick spiked Spanish finger food, throughout Spain, but you can find some great ones at Lizarran in Sitges.

A Guide to Spanish Pinchos (Pintxos) + Traditional Recipes

After spending an eventful half day roaming the streets of Sitges, Spain, it was time to return to Barcelona where we had plans to eat the best tapas in Spain.

Have you ever been to Sitges in Spain?


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7 thoughts on “Sitges, Spain Bucket List: Fun Things to Do”

  1. I have sat on that very beach and loved it!  We too were visiting Barcelona and needed a little break!  Great town, thanks for taking me back.

  2. I haven't visited Sitges but would like to.  I loved Spain and hope to get back to see more.  I did try the Fish Spa experience once in Chiang Mai, 'twas a great experience, very relaxing.

    • I will be in Chiang Mai in a couple of weeks! I’m not sure I do the Fish Pedicure experience again, but it sure was fun the first time :)

  3. Thanks for the nice read and the great pictures. As the song goes “…and I think to myself, what a wonderful world…”


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