Make a Contribution to the Seattle Gum Wall

I popped a piece of Spearmint gum in my mouth at Pike Place Market, in anticipation of visiting the Seattle Gum Wall. I wanted to be ready to make a contribution.

The Seattle gum wall is located in Post Alley, just downstairs from Pikes, at the box office of the Market Theater.

Back in the 90s, patrons of the theater started to stick their chewing gum on the wall, many times with coins stuck inside. The coins have since disappeared, I thoroughly searched, but the gum remains. Lots of gum. Though the theater workers tried to scrape the blobs off, they stopped when the wall was deemed a tourist attraction in 1999.

Trident, Wrigley, Extra, Orbit? They must all be represented here.

This oddity of the Seattle Gum Wall was named one of the top five germiest tourist attractions, along with the Blarney Stone. Considering that Peter is a, self-proclaimed, germaphobe, he gets deathly close. Do you see him shaking? I consider this cheap therapy.

You can not visit the Seattle Gum Wall without making a contribution, so I blew a bubble to make sure my gum had the proper consistency prior to placing it on the wall.

With 50+ feet of wall to choose from it was difficult to pick the perfect local for my donation. But, I thought orange would be an excellent background for my crisp, white addition.

The tricky part was placing the gum without anyone else.

Ta da. My Spearmint hits the Seattle Gum Wall.

Have you make a contribution to the Seattle Gum Wall? What is the oddest attraction you have ever seen?


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16 thoughts on “Make a Contribution to the Seattle Gum Wall”

  1. I have to say, I like new things, but this is literally one of the grossest things I've ever seen……I HATE other people's saliva and to be near so much of it! Oh, I cannot bear thinking about it!
    I am needless to say, very impressed you managed to add to it :-)

  2. Wow! I had never heard of the gum wall in Seattle. It looks a little gross but I think I'll have to make a contribution when I visit the city!

  3. I'm so bummed! I was downstairs at the market this summer, but had never heard of the gum wall, so I didn't walk far enough to ever find it. I was within 25 yards of the wall and never saw it until I got back on my group's bus and saw other people's pictures. Very anoying :-/

  4. This post is hilarious! yes, I did make my own contribution to the wall a few years back! I wish I had documented it too!

  5. Okay…you have become my travel blogging idol, but now I’m thinking you and everyone who has made a contribution to this wall are just plain crazy. :-) This, for someone who hates even accidentally touching one person’s gum stuck to the underside of a restaurant table, is worse than pretty much any of the strange gross food you write about. My uncle’s post office had a locker full of people’s banana stickers, but who had this idea? When my computer’s voice software program first read this post to me I thought Seattle had a “Gun Wall”. I guess this is better and safer than that, unless you hate germs. I can’t believe this is up there with the Blarney Stone. I did kiss that I suppose. Hope to write about it and post pictures on my new Bucket List section soon.


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