7 MUST-TRY Outdoor Adventures in Dubai

Dubai, as most of us know, is a ritzy modern metropolis that delights its visitors with ultra luxurious hotels, upscale eateries, world-class shopping and towering skyscrapers. But, did you know that this gleaming and high-tech city can also give you a heavy dose of fun and adventure? From skydiving to desert safaris, Dubai is truly a blissful adventure playground that will blow your mind with an awesome variety of thrilling outdoor adventures. Here are a few outdoor adventures that you must try during your visit to the “City of Gold”.

1. Skydiving

Skydiving is, as far as I’m concerned, truly the ultimate outdoor thrill in Dubai. After all, it is a heart-pumping aerial escapade that lets you jump off a plane, and skydive over 12,000 feet above the ground – together of course with a licensed skydiving instructor. Not only will give you a spine-tingling escapade, but will also give you an awe-inspiring bird’s eye view of Dubai and its fabulous coastline. As a matter of fact, it will give a panoramic view of the man-made paradise Palm Jumeirah as well as the city’s other famous landmarks, including World Island and Burj El Arab.

2. Climb Oman’s Mighty Hajar Mountains

Climbing, as a pastime, has been steadily flourishing in UAE, with new trekking routes being discovered and existing ones developed by a small crew of enthusiastic climbers and adventure tour operators. The Hajar Mountains, one of the region’s most popular climbing destinations, have towering limestone crags with a wide variety of challenges to adrenaline junkies, from short climbs to supremely challenging 3,000-foot routes up high peaks. With an impressive height of 10,000 feet, these mighty mountains indeed offer a rather tough challenge even for seasoned trekkers and mountaineers.

3. Mountain Biking

Adventurous and devoted mountain bikers will certainly find their bliss in Oman’s Hajar Mountains, which boasts an incredible labyrinth of big-time biking trails. With steep climbs and rough grounds, these biking tracks offer an irresistible and tasty challenge to experienced riders and extreme adventurists. Plus, the trails are home to a plethora of wild animals, including mountain goats, wild donkeys, snakes and lizards – making your biking trip even more challenging and exciting.

4. Sandboarding

Want to experience something cool and unique in Dubai? Then, make your way to its beautiful desert, and enjoy an unforgettable adrenaline rush sandboarding down its dunes. More than just an exciting diversion, sandboarding in Dubai also lets you take in the gorgeous sights of the UAE’s vivid and vast desert landscapes.

5. Sea kayaking

The coast of the Arabian Peninsula has a cluster of arenas where you can experience a wondrous sea kayaking trip, including areas of wetland that seem out of the place with the scorching desert climate of the region. On the East Coast, kayakers can explore the Khor Klaba, a 1,500-hectare protected mangrove forest that serves as home to the important local wildlife like the Socotra cormorants and white-collared kingfishers. Plus, on the West Coast, you can also explore the verdant mangroves of Um Al Quwain and Abu Dhabi, in which can meet and greet a few turtles and friendly flamingos.

Jeep Safari in Dubai

6. Desert Safari or Dune Bashing

Fond of road trips? Trust me, Dubai’s desert safari is unlike any road excursion you’ve ever been before. With this road adventure, you’ll get an electrifying, dune-bashing ride and stomach churning ride over the lofty sand dunes of the desert. As an added bonus, this road trip will take you to a strategic vantage point where you can gaze over a glorious sunset. The trip will, then, culminate with a dinner barbecue buffet with traditional music and belly dancing performances to make your experience even more delightful.

7. Kite-surfing or Wakeboarding

Prime hotels and residential occupy most of Dubai’s city coastline, which means a large part of it is in private finds. Fortunately, though, water sports enthusiasts can still have a blast in Dubai’s coastline, thanks to the Umm Suqiem – an accessible quaint area full of lovely villas in the shadow of the striking sail-shaped Burj Arab hotel. In the past few years, this charming enclave has become a beloved spot for wakeboarding and kite-surfing aficionados.

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  2. Your skydiving photos look so impressive! My friends have been bugging me to try it but I just couldn’t find the courage to even plan about it! I’m that coward, but I have my reasons, but what’s important is, you guys, who can, are enjoying your extreme jumps, right? :)
    Anyways, I love sandboarding. I think that one is quite enjoyable. Awesome shots! as always

  3. Wow! Aren’t these activities you describe us, really very impressive? Some of these fun hobbies, I have never imagined of participating. And what best than to enjoy them in such an exotic and magical place such as Dubai! I certainly distinguish the sky-diving, because I like to feel the wind on me, while observing the fantastic view looking over the city from above. Dubai offers a different picture for the holidays, than I was used to so far. My recent holidays were in some exotic island, with crystal clear waters, to deal only with sea hobbies! This ideal place is called Mykonos and it’s in Greece. For the past years many famous people visit this island and have extraordinary and luxury vacations, by staying in a nice villa. In order to make your vacation your stay memorable, look for a Mykonos Real Estate agency that will guide you to rent or buy a villa.

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  5. Amazing Post

    When I will visit Dubai. I really gonna try out all these outdoor adventures. Loved this post. Thanks for sharing.


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