raw conch in the grand caymanpreparing raw conch in the grand caymanraw conch in the grand caymanAs I was drying myself off after the adventure of swimming with stingrays in the Grand Cayman, our guides started another spectacular show, this time from inside of the boat. They were huddled in the corner cleaning several raw conch that had caught while we were preoccupied with rays.

Conch is a term used to describe over sixty species of sea snail. The size of the shell varies from medium to large.

I saw an entourage of people gathering around the stern and for a second thought the ship may capsize from the weight on one end. I quickly envisioned a painfully long swim to the shore and wondered if I could possibly ride on the back of one of my new stingray friends. But, then out of the corner of my eye I saw our tour guide cleaning a giant raw conch by scrubbing the grunge off the shell with a brush. And I joined the paparazzi of people to capture this spectacle.

He proceeded to take a LARGE knife and easily extracted the fresh conch body from its home. He held it up off-white piece of flesh for all the spectators to get a glimpse and asked “does anyone want to try a bite?” I stuck my hand out firts and several others followed for a chance to eat the freshest raw conch we probably would ever have.

The raw conch tasted like that of a lightly cooked calamari steak. Not too fishy, not too chewy, not too gross. If I was at a sushi restaurant, you could have stuck it on the sashimi menu and I would have ordered two.

Have you ever eaten raw conch?

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