Norway’s Northern Lights: Aurora Borealis Cruise with Hurtigruten

Is seeing the Northern Lights on your bucket list? If yes—then you can explore Norway and see the dazzling Northern Lights on a cruise operated by Hurtigruten. A stupendous spectacle, it’s on the wish list of every avid traveler and it was on my bucket list too!

A Hurtigruten voyage enables you to travel along beautiful Norway’s coasts, towns villages, fjords, and mountains in pursuit of the lights. On the trip, you will cross the Arctic Circle to see the Northern Lights in winter and also get a chance to witness the colorful phenomenon in various locations.

Norway’s Northern Lights: Aurora Borealis Cruise with Hurtigruten

About Hurtigruten

A famous name in the world of exploration voyages, Hurtigruten’s history dates back to 1893 when it was established in Norway. Today, it operates cruises to several places including remote areas in the Arctic islands and Antarctica. But their cruises to Norway are some of its most popular voyages.

Hurtigruten’s fleet of ships has modern facilities with high-quality equipment and skilled staff to make every journey an excellent one. It attracts travelers from all over the world who wish to explore Norway’s coast, and is especially favored to see the Northern Lights. You can go on a 12-day Bergen-Kirkenes-Bergen roundtrip voyage to see the spectacular vistas of Norway.

What are the Northern Lights (aka: Aurora Borealis)?

Some of the most beautiful sights that we see in our world are natural phenomena. The Northern Lights is one such remarkable phenomenon that showcases natural light and colors in the sky, notably in the Arctic and Antarctic regions. It is also known as Aurora Borealis or the polar lights, as the stunning display tends to occur around the poles. It’s an amazing sight to see while on an antarctica cruise!

The Northern Lights occur when solar winds collide with the Earth’s atmosphere. Charged particles from the sun interact with gases that contain atoms, which absorb the energy of the charged particles and start emitting lights in an array of colors that can be seen in the sky. This is known popularly as the Northern Lights.

During this phenomenon, the sky is covered in bursts of colors usually green, blue, red, or purple. On a Hurtigruten cruise to northern Norway, you can see this amazing display of lights. You can liken it to the brush strokes of different colors on a giant canvas. A mesmerizing sight in the vast dark skies above!

Norway’s Northern Lights: Aurora Borealis Cruise with Hurtigrutenphoto by Brenton Maddox

Where Can you see Aurora Borealis in Northern Norway?

The places around the Arctic Circle along Norway’s coast are ideal places to view the Northern Lights: Bodo, Lofoten Islands, Vesteralen, Tromso, Kjøllefjord. On a 12-day Hurtigruten cruise, you will get the chance to visit these places that provide great opportunities to view the displays of light.

The best time to see the Northern Lights is between October and March. I would recommend the peak season from November to February to view the lights, although you have a great chance of seeing them across multiple locations in October and March as well.

Norway’s Northern Lights: Aurora Borealis Cruise with Hurtigrutenphoto by Brenton Maddox

Hurtigruten’s Northern Lights Cruise Promise

Book a 12-day roundtrip coastal Norway Hurtigruten cruise for the upcoming season, beginning October 1, 2018 through March 31, 2019, and they guarantee you will see the northern lights. Yes, that’s right—guaranteed! If, by any chance, the Northern Lights do not appear during your cruise, Hurtigruten will offers a 6- or 7-day coastal Norway cruise absolutely free of cost (doesn’t include airfare/extras).

Northern Norway is one of the best locations in the world to see this fascinating spectacle of the lights, as it lies in the auroral zone, and winter is the perfect time of year to see the lights due to the weather conditions and dark skies.

Norway’s Northern Lights: Aurora Borealis Cruise with Hurtigrutenphoto by Brenton Maddox

Save $250 Per Person on a Hurtigruten Coastal Norway Cruise

Hurtigruten’s winter voyage offers an unforgettable exploration of coastal Norway, along with opportunities to see the Northern Lights. If you join a 12-day Bergen-Kirkenes-Bergen roundtrip cruise between January 1 and March 31, 2019, you can even save $250 per person! This offer is valid through September 30, 2018.

One of the major reasons to travel with Hurtigruten is its extensive experience from years of traveling to unique and remote locations. The company has spent 125 years navigating the Norwegian coast, traveling to small coastal villages, and little-known fjords. Not many cruise ships have journeyed through these remote routes.

Northern Norway is one of the most incredible regions in the world, rich in natural beauty and abundant in stunning landscapes that take your breath away. A Hurtigruten cruise gives you a truly authentic Norwegian experience, as well as an adventurous exploration of off-the-beaten-path destinations. Along the way, you can discover the wonders of Norway’s coastline, immerse yourself in cultural experiences, and savor delectable local delicacies. If you wish to, you can also opt for a shorter 6- or 7-day cruise.

During your trip, you can be a part of several excursions and experiences: activities like reindeer sledding, dog sledding, and snowmobiling. There will be plenty of opportunity to put your camera to good use as you can take superb photographs. You can also expand your knowledge by attending various lectures on board by well-known academics and experts. These include themes about nature, the Northern Lights, wildlife, the Arctic, and Norway in general. Enjoy the local food at restaurants on board and take in the views as you journey along.

For a memorable cruise to see the splendor of Norway, embark on a 12-day voyage with Hurtigruten. Visit wonderful places along the picturesque coastline and see the incredible Northern Lights. It’s a voyage to remember forever!

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