Go back to Northern Italy, Day 4

breakfast at hotel san marcoWe woke up and opted for breakfast at our hotel, San Marco, in order to save money for a better dinner. If I have learned one thing about Venice so far it is that it’s expensive!  The bus ride to Piazzale Roma was much easier this time now that we have figured out the system.

Northern Italy Mercato RealtoNorthern Italy Mercato RealtoNorthern Italy Mercato RealtoI wanted to visit the outdoor Mercato Rialto in Northern Italy to witness the fresh produce that the Italians were fortunate enough to have. There were rows of vibrant fruits and veggies being sold by dozens of different vendors. Even though we have no kitchen to cook these treasures with, it was worth the visit for this foodie.

Northern Italy Mercato del PesceMercato del PesceNorthern Italy Mercato del PesceAnother Northern Italy treasure was the Mercato del Pesce, an indoor market in the Rialto and showcased every fish imaginable. Darn…why didn’t we rent a house with a kitchen! Most of the customer were locals purchasing their goods for dinner that evening. I had wished that one of them would have invited us over for dinner!

Ai Specchini VeniceCampari Spritzer in Northern ItalyAi Specchini in VeniceWe had lunch at Ai Specchini, a tiny panini place, where we sipped on the best Blood Orange Campari Spritzers (6 Euros each). We had two different paninis; Bresaola, Rucola, Grana (4 Euros) and Cassareccio, Salatie (4 Euros). They toasted them on a small panini press in the back and they were good! The older gentleman working there said that they just turned this former glass shop into a sandwich cafe. He had been working for the family for 41 years, but he was much more versed in selling souvenirs and was still having troubles working the espresso machine. This just made the experience much more charming. Since we visited this Northern Italy restaurant, he promised to visit our restaurant if he ever made it to the California wine country.

Piazza San Marco in VenicePiazza San Marco in Northern ItalyPiazza San Marco in Northern ItalyThe Piazza San Marco houses Basilica San Marco, Museo Civico Correr and Campanile. That all equals an amazingly gorgeous piazza that can’t be missed! We spent over an hour just photographing it’s beauty. I could see how this experience in the summertime would have been so much more enjoyable, being able to dine outdoors at a local restaurant.

Osteria Al Ponte in VeniceOsteria Al Ponte Venice RestaurantOsteria Al PonteI was searching for La Zucca Restaurant but after an hour we had to eat. Osteria Al Ponte was quaint, full and on our way to the bus . We ordered the Antipasti Pesce and Risotto Pescatora per Due. Though I asked for just one appetizer, they brought and charged us for two. At least the fish antipasti was tastier than the risotto which was way too salty and didn’t feature nearly the amount of fish that was in the first course. Considering I wasn’t happy with my meal, I don’t know why I ordered dessert. But, I had a chocolate cake on a bed of fluffy cream…it was pretty good, then again how can chocolate be bad? 80 Euros later I was feeling ripped off, but quickly remembered that I was in Venice in Northern Italy.

Tomorrow Cinque Terre….

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