Teatro Zinzanni: San Francisco’s Wild Dinner Theater Show

When I think of dinner theater, I think of a cheesy murder mystery evening where attendees attempt to win Oscars with their lack of acting ability, dressed in make-shift costumes from their children’s closets and by the finale no one really gives a crap “who done it”.

Teatro Zinzanni show

Maybe…just maybe…I have attended a few of these dinner theater events, wishing they would conclude with at least a circus monkey or a unicycle. And, at least, if “I did it” handcuff me.

Teatro Zinzanni Dinner Theater

So, needless to say, when the hubby and his BFF booked an evening for their girls at Teatro Zinzanni in San Francisco I was gratefully skeptical. Though, when I heard it was a “cocktail attire” event, I felt the opportunity to relive the fashionista statement I was never able to make at the prom I never attended.

What to Expect at Teatro Zinzanni Dinner Theater

The dinner theater show began upon arrival, being greeted by a scantily clad dressed dame worthy of a top spot at a Nevada brothel set in the 40s. She guided us to the coat check who was apparently a woman of the same devilish nature…possibly a sidekick of sorts? A sweet, young gent offered to bring our libations (red wine, of course…do you not know me at all?) to the table while we perused the store.

Peter and Annette White at Teatro Zinzanni

I was tempted to buy the pink feather boa displayed, but, much to my husbands dismay, thought it would not be that useful.

The dinner theater show, which was about 4 hours short, was filled with “pee-your-pants” laughter and amazing acrobatics that left you wishing your body would bend into those unnatural shapes…naturally. They intertwined dining and theater seamlessly, making our meal seem like part of the show. My husband vowed that he was going to purchase the aerial ropes a player used to perform a seductive act, but soon realized that I would have no idea what to do with them. Okay by me, I was having visions of pulled muscles and overwhelming dizziness…puke.

I have to admit, my cheeks hurt from uncontrollable laughter and I can’t remember an evening that was so much freakin’ fun, but my bank account feels lighter, much lighter, costing close to 500 bucks per couple…ouch! But, we had really good seats and drank…a lot, though we brought our own wine ($25 corkage, highly recommended). The food was above mediocre, even being a major foodie restaurateur it was better than I expected for having to serve a couple of hundred folks at once.

Teatro Zinzanni Performer

Dinner Theater at Teatro Zinzanni was much like going to a wedding, you don’t anticipate Michelin star quality in the culinary department and then have the possibility of being pleasantly surprised, which I was.

What I didn’t expect was to be flooded, like the Arizona monsoons, with reminiscent emotions of my younger years when my life was consumed with performing. I am still not sure if it was a longing for the dream unfulfilled or merely just nostalgia…to be continued…

Have you ever been to a dinner theater show?

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2 thoughts on “Teatro Zinzanni: San Francisco’s Wild Dinner Theater Show”

  1. That WAS expensive!  I'd be hesitant to lay down that kind of scratch with something I already suspected was below par.  I'm glad you were pleasantly surprised, both by the show and by the food.  And four hours IS a pretty good amount of time…dinner and a movie costs about $100 nowadays and you don't even get 4 hours out of that!

  2. This sounds super fun! Can I say I had to look twice at the second pic of your and your hubby that face mask in the back ground. I thought it was a mirror! Love it!


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