lambs tongueLet me start by saying that after I write this article about lambs tongue I will probably never be asked to be a spokesperson for PETA, which is okay because I am pretty sure nobody wants to see my naked a$$ on a 10 foot billboard.

Tonight Peter & I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary at Scopa in Healdsburg, one of our favorite eateries due to their creative take on italian food. I am not sure who thought putting cooked lambs tongue on the special list this evening was a good idea. Annette White eating lambs tongueBut, I do know that, amongst chefs, using the whole animal is desirable because no part of it would go to waste. My question is, “what did they do with rest of it?” Evidently, Scopa only purchased the lambs tongue because there were no other lamb dishes in sight. I second guessed myself about ordering lambs tongue on such a special occasion, it seemed more fitting for an episode of Survivor. Besides, choking, vomiting or gagging would not make for the ultra-sexy dining experience I was hoping for. Are you really going to ruin this uber-romantic dinner by ordering lambs tongue? Yes…Yes, I am.

It arrived at the table all dolled up and pretty as if it were on a first date; laying on a bed of butter beans, dressed in a light vinaigrette and topped with roasted onions.  lambs tongue receipteating lambs tongueHmm…this was deceiving because, when I squinted my eyes, it resembled the tasty filet mignon salad we served at our restaurant. There’s no turning back now, dig in and please don’t taste like liver!

Ok, I am willing to admit that some people might like the gamy flavor and leather texture of tongue. I am not one of them! It tasted like a mild version of liver with a strong lamb flavor. mmmm….yummm…nope!

If you are a lambs tongue fan you can find a lamb cassoulet recipe here, don’t click if you have a weak stomach!

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