Play the Real Escape Logic Game. San Francisco.

I have been known to solve a few sudoku puzzles in my day, maybe even excelled at a game of Candy Crush. But, when my escape from being locked in a room with total strangers depended on all of us working together to solve challenging logic puzzles, panic ensued.
Would we be one of the average […]

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Eat the California State Bird in San Francisco

Eating the California State bird? Isn’t that illegal? You’re not even allowed to pick the state’s poppy flower, are you? Technically, neither action is against the law, but there is something so wrong about consuming your home state bird. Yet, at San Francisco’s State Bird Provisions, there is also something so deliciously right.
There are only a few states in America where […]

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Get Swag at a Swanky San Francisco Party

I do a lot of things solo with absolutely no problem; go to the movies alone, eat dinner at fancy restaurants by myself, take tours of attractions, etc. But, there was something about attending the super swanky Vegas Uncork’d preview event in San Francisco that made me nervous. Not only would I be going to this foodie bash solo, but also […]

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Eat Pigs Feet and Other Offal in San Francisco

We were supposed to be having dinner with a friend at San Francisco’s Water Bar restaurant. But, at the last minute he had to cancel and I am grateful he did. Not because we don’t love spending time with him, but because I would not have had the adventure of eating pigs feet and other offal otherwise. Screwed up priorities.
Offal is the entrails and internal organs of a butchered animal that is used for food and is not a skeletal muscle. The gross stuff.
We decided to head to San Francisco sans our dining companion and dine at SPQR, a trendy Michelin starred restaurant in the lower Pacific Heights District. Without even an inkling there would be pigs feet on the menu.

photo courtesy of SPQR

It was a Sunday evening, we didn’t have reservations and there were none available on Opentable. We decided to pull the trick we always use, showing up right when the restaurant opens at 5:30, hoping they save some seats for walk-ins. This trick surely would not work at a place like the fancy French Laundry, but it has worked for us everywhere else. Every time. Tonight was no different.
The featured menu was littered with offal; blood sausage, veal tongue, sweetbreads, pigs feet and head. I wanted one of each.
The offal adventure at SPQR all started with the Veal Tongue Pastrami. It had the texture and taste of a dry pastrami and was served with fingerling potatoes. Not nearly as gamey as lambs tongues.

We moved on to the Pigs Head Pyramidi, a handmade stuffed pasta. The head inside was finely minced and the dish included hukrei turnip and sartori fontina cheese. Tastes like bacon.

And after eating their daily-made fresh pasta that the Pigs Head Pyramidi was made with, we needed another pasta dish. Pronto.
The Bludnudlen pasta with Tuscan blood sausage ragu topped with pigs feet pangrattao peaked my interest and hit many items on the eating weird food criteria.
The short, curly pasta was cooked perfectly al dente and held the blood sausage ragu nicely. It was topped with toasted and crushed pigs feet. If you didn’t read the menu, you would have never known the offal inside.

We deemed this pigs feet dish the best we have ever eaten in San Francisco.

Not everything at SPQR contained pigs feet or other offal, there was a lump crab quinoa salad too.

We didn’t actually have a dessert, but I could only imagine what type of offal would be in it. Maybe a […]

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Eat Stinky Cheese & Shop for Stuffed Mice in San Francisco

San Francisco’s Mission district is a unique section of this incredible town, a mix between artsy, edgy and trendy. A place where you will discover stylish boutiques next to dive bars. My kind of place.

Where else can you find the stinkiest cheese shop and stuffed rats on the same street?

Peter and my mission in the Mission was to get […]

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8 Reasons I Got Buzzed at a California Wine Festival

I am an avid wine drinker that has a tolerance level of about a glass and a half. More than that and I start to slur my diarrhea of the mouth. Not a feeling I strive for. So, I knew that spending the day in San Francisco surrounded by dozens of coveted, jammy Zins was […]

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5 Firsts at San Francisco’s Fancy Food Show

The Fancy Food Show is one of the largest in the world with over 1,300 vendors showcasing over 80,000 food products representing 35 different countries. And there are free samples. A lot of them.

I arrived at San Francisco’s Moscone Center armed only with my the camera on my trusty Iphone and an empty stomach. Turns out that’s […]

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Eat Lamb Brain on a Special Ocassion in San Francisco

I originally wanted to spend our fourteenth wedding anniversary sipping champagne on the veranda of a cozy B&B overlooking the coast, but eating lamb brain in San Francisco was a close second.

Though I was unaware of Locanda’s offal menu, I have to admit that my eyes sparkled as I read; pig’s head, tripe, oxtails or lamb brain? […]

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Eat Deep Fried Brussel Sprouts in San Francisco

I believe you already know my personal stance on deep fried food…IT RULES! I am pretty sure that you can even submerse rocky mountain oysters (bull testicles) in hot oil and I would dip them in blue cheese, inhale every morsel and possibly lick my fingers clean. So, of course eating deep fried brussel sprouts […]

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Watch a Wild Dinner Theater Show at Teatro Zinzanni

When I think of dinner theater, I think of a cheesy murder mystery evening where attendees attempt to win Oscars with their lack of acting ability, dressed in make-shift costumes from their childrens closets and by the finale no one really gives a crap “who done it”.
Maybe…just maybe…I have attended a few of these dinner theater events, wishing […]

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