Drink the Carpe Diem Cava in the Penedes Region of Spain

Carpe Diem. Seize the day. This is a term that I try to live my life by and is one of the main reasons I was traveling all the way to the Penedes region of Spain to taste many of the 50 Great Cavas ranked by Wine Pleasures. So, it was beyond appropriate that when we arrived at MasTinell [...]

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Make (& Eat) Pan Con Tomate in Spain

I don't like raw tomatoes. Really. I may be the only Italian restaurateur who will actually pick out every slice of raw tomato in my antipasto or caprese salad. How dare you put those in there letting them infect the rest of the edible goodies. But, Spanish Pan Con Tomate is the exception to the rule. There is always an exception, [...]

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Explore the Depths of a Cava Cave in Spain

Ahhh. The Cava caves of Spain; dark narrow tunnels, steep spiral staircases, a labyrinth that would challenge anyone's sense of direction and filled to the stone ceiling with a winemakers dream. Even as gorgeous as the wine caves of my home in Northern California are, they didn't quite compare to exploring the seemingly endless, channels of [...]

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Nosh on a Bikini in Barcelona. Not What You Think.

While traipsing through Barcelona's L'Eixample district we passed a place with a line of people out the door and about half a block long. This rubbernecker was way too nosey curious to just walk by without seeing what the hoopla was about. All the rage was a Spanish tapas restaurant. Apparently, judging by the crowd, this one was pretty damn good. And they sold [...]

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Eat The Best Tapa in Barcelona, Spain

After eating pintxos in Sitges, I swore that it was possible to survive solely on these toothpicked Spanish specialties. But, then I ventured into the other tapas world. And I learned that my love for the other type of tapas may be just as deep as the one for pintxos. Possibly deeper. What's not to love? The smaller sharing plates of Spanish [...]

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A Silent Photographic View of Barcelona Street Art

I don't have much to say today. Really. It does happen sometimes. Let's just say I have blogging laryngitis. So, this is going to be a silent photographic post of Barcelona Street Art. I am not going to utter anything...except that these are some examples of ultra-cool street art in Barcelona and that this type of creativity is part [...]

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Eat Pizza by the Pound & Stalk Cats in Sitges, Spain

Sitges is a charming beach town in Spain, just a forty minute train ride from Barcelona. It is also the same place where fish nibbled on my feet and my first pintxos experience was had. Apparently lots of cool stuff happens in this city. To further support my case, Sitges sells pizza by the pound. Not by the slice. By the POUND. Genius. [...]

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Feel the Magic on Barcelona’s Montjuic Hill

I believe we have determined that I am cheap or, as I prefer to be labeled, frugal. Not to say that I won't kick down serious cash to create a memorable experience, but sometimes free is good too. Really good. The Magic Fountain of Montjuic in Barcelona is a case where "the best things in life are free". [...]

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See 50 Shades of Red at Barcelona’s Boqueria Market

Just prior to learning how to cook paella at Cook & Taste in Spain (and having the realization that I am not fond of paella), the instructor took us to Barcelona's La Boqueria Market to pick out our ingredients. La Boqueria Market is a well-known Catalan foodie haven; a mixture of delicious colors, smells and sensations... ...and the abundance of food is [...]

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Take a Paella Cooking Class in Barcelona, Spain

I could easily whip you up a creamy butternut squash risotto, prosciutto stuffed ravioli, crispy eggplant parmigiana or a luscious housemade tiramisu. I'd even throw in a made-from-scratch Limoncello. Do you notice the trend here? Cooking Italian is my specialty, which is great since my restaurant is...Italian. Change countries and I am lost. At Cook & Taste in Barcelona, they teach [...]

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