Drink the Carpe Diem Cava in the Penedes Region of Spain

Carpe Diem. Seize the day. This is a term that I try to live my life by and is one of the main reasons I was traveling all the way to [...]

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Make (& Eat) Pan Con Tomate in Spain

I don't like raw tomatoes. Really. I may be the only Italian restaurateur who will actually pick out every slice of raw tomato in my antipasto or caprese salad. How dare you put those in [...]

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Explore the Depths of a Cava Cave in Spain

Ahhh. The Cava caves of Spain; dark narrow tunnels, steep spiral staircases, a labyrinth that would challenge anyone's sense of direction and filled to the stone ceiling with a winemakers [...]

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Nosh on a Bikini in Barcelona. Not What You Think.

While traipsing through Barcelona's L'Eixample district we passed a place with a line of people out the door and about half a block long. This rubbernecker was way too nosey curious to just walk by without seeing [...]

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Eat The Best Tapa in Barcelona, Spain

After eating pintxos in Sitges, I swore that it was possible to survive solely on these toothpicked Spanish specialties. But, then I ventured into the other tapas world. And I learned that my love for the [...]

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A Silent Photographic View of Barcelona Street Art

I don't have much to say today. Really. It does happen sometimes. Let's just say I have blogging laryngitis. So, this is going to be a silent photographic post of [...]

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Eat Pizza by the Pound & Stalk Cats in Sitges, Spain

Sitges is a charming beach town in Spain, just a forty minute train ride from Barcelona. It is also the same place where fish nibbled on my feet and my first pintxos experience was had. [...]

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Feel the Magic on Barcelona’s Montjuic Hill

I believe we have determined that I am cheap or, as I prefer to be labeled, frugal. Not to say that I won't kick down serious cash to create a memorable experience, [...]

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See 50 Shades of Red at Barcelona’s Boqueria Market

Just prior to learning how to cook paella at Cook & Taste in Spain (and having the realization that I am not fond of paella), the instructor took us to Barcelona's La Boqueria Market to [...]

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Take a Paella Cooking Class in Barcelona, Spain

I could easily whip you up a creamy butternut squash risotto, prosciutto stuffed ravioli, crispy eggplant parmigiana or a luscious housemade tiramisu. I'd even throw in a made-from-scratch Limoncello. Do you notice the trend here? [...]

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