Explore Petra Archaeological Site in Jordan

The UNESCO ancient city of Petra was carved into the rose colored sandstone cliffs by the Nabataeans as early as 312BC. There are over 30 incredible sites spread over 60 square kilometers, from temples to tombs to elaborate buildings.

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29 Traditional Greek Foods You Must Eat in Greece

Greek food spreads its culinary influence throughout Europe and beyond. Fresh vegetables, fishes & seafoods play a significant role in the cuisine mostly because of its long coastline. However, flavors of Greek foods changes with season and geography.

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See the Carrières de Lumières Art Show in the South of France

Located in the breathtaking Les Baux de Provence area, the Carrières de Lumières is an art show set to music and projected on the tall limestone walls of a former quarry, hence the reason it's also known as the Quarries of Light

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Run a 5k Race

I am one of those people who generally follows the rule of only running if I am being chased — like by a gang of gorillas in Uganda or a troop of women at a Neiman Marcus sale when you are carrying the last pair of discounted Louboutin red soled shoes in size 7 1/2.

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Float in the Dead Sea in Jordan

The Dead Sea is a salt lake over 1,300 feet below sea level, making it the lowest elevation on Earth. Nestled between Jordan to the east and Israel to the west, the unusually high salt concentration (8.6 times saltier than the ocean) causes a natural buoyancy that makes you float like a fishing bobber.

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Selling One Dream For Another: Bye Bye Home

I'm not gonna lie, there was a few tears shed when my Arizona home hit the for-sale market. This was not a surprise since it took almost nine years for my husband and I to finally make the decision to list it, even though it sat vacant for a majority of that time.

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21 Photos to Inspire Your Galapagos Bucket List

The Galapagos Islands certainly is a magical place where you can be immersed in a nature display unlike no other. The remote destination is a melting pot of unique wildlife, which inspired Charles Darwin’s landmark theory of evolution following his visit in 1835. It is home to wildlife species that are found nowhere else on Earth.

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Spend the night in Jordan’s Wadi Rum Desert

Wadi Rum is 720 square kilometers of heart stopping desert landscape, where a maze of sheer-sided sandstone and granite monoliths rise up from the valley floor. Spending the night in this Jordan UNESCO site is beyond a bucket list experience.

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Book Manuscript Complete: 9 Things Not to Do When Writing a Book

Exactly seven months after I signed a book publishing contract with Skyhorse Publishing, the 76,456 word manuscript for Bucket List Adventures: 10 Incredible Journeys to Experience Before You Die has been turned over to the editors (1 minute before deadline!).

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Snowshoe Through Glacier National Park in Montana

Call me crazy, but I was a little nervous about snowshoeing through part of the almost 1 million acres of Glacier National Park in Montana. The shoes just seemed ginormous, especially for someone who is prone to tripping over her own barefoot feet.

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