One Bucket List Worthy Day in Lyon, France

As Florence is to Rome, Lyon is to Paris — a slightly smaller, yet charming version of its larger counterpart. The vibrant city sits at the intersection of the Rhône and Saône rivers, and is a common stop on the Viking River Cruises tour through the South of France.

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Canada: Kayaking with Beluga Whales in Manitoba

Between mid-June to September one of Canada’s most incredible wildlife display happens — the beluga whales come to town. More than 50,000 of these sociable creatures patrol the Arctic in Northern Manitoba, and the Hudson Bay coastline sees the world's largest population.

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6 Ways to Stay Active While Traveling

For many, the word “vacation” is synonymous with “relaxation.” And, hey, your time away from the real world should allow you to rest and recharge — but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do things while you’re away.

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Drive Nova Scotia’s Cabot Trail: 9 Great Places to Stop

Sometimes driving is the best way to experience a destination, it gives you the opportunity to make stops as often as you want. This was very much true for driving The Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia.

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12 Bucket List Goals That Can Actually Save You Money

There are plenty of ways to save money, but the trick is finding the ones that can also be motivating, healthy and just plain fun so it seems like you do not have to sacrifice too much. An easy way to do this is by turning your bucket list goals into saving techniques.

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California: 25 Photos to Inspire Your Point Reyes Bucket List

Point Reyes is one of the most beautiful and unknown places in Northern California. Located 40 minutes north-west of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, it is home to many wonders; from hiking to kayaking, birdwatching to the beautiful beaches. There really is something for everyone here.

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What to Wear to Jordan as a Woman Traveler

I packed my bags carefully for the conservative Muslim country of Jordan, where masking your curves and covering your hair with a hijab is the norm. Even though the weather would be relatively warm, there were no short shorts or little skirts in my luggage; they were replaced with lightweight long sleeved cardigans, lengthy loose t-shirts and colorful scarves.

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A Wild Nova Scotia Adventure: Tidal Bore Rafting

The Nova Scotia tides cause 160 billion tons of water flow through the Bay of Fundy twice a day, which feeds into the Shubenacadie River. This surge of seawater creates a once-in-a-lifetime adventure like no other, tidal bore rafting.

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7 Ways to Break Out of Your Shell and See the World

You see everyone’s pictures on Facebook or Instagram. Like it or not, you are just a little green with envy. Happy couples smiling for their selfies with the Eiffel Tower in the background, or maybe the view of the beach from their hotel room. You want to go, but something keeps holding you back.

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Explore Petra Archaeological Site in Jordan

The UNESCO ancient city of Petra was carved into the rose colored sandstone cliffs by the Nabataeans as early as 312BC. There are over 30 incredible sites spread over 60 square kilometers, from temples to tombs to elaborate buildings.

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