24 Bucket List Things to Do in San Francisco

It's the city of Dungeness crab, sourdough bread and, of course, the breathtaking Golden Gate Bridge. Some people have even left their hearts here. San Francisco is on most travelers "Things to do" list and for very good reason. Whether your a first-time visitor or local, The City in Northern California has something to offer for everyone and here's just a little taste.

Sleep in a Castle in Ireland

What little, or big, girl doesn’t dream of being a princess at some point in their life? Images of wearing a spectacular puffy pink gown, expertly dancing at a ball with the most handsome man and being the center of everyone’s attention. Even though I was not born into royalty I was going to get my chance to wear the glass slipper, so to speak. Tonight, I would be spending the night in a Irish castle with my prince (aka: husband Peter).
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Take a Maasai Walking Expedition in Tanzania, Africa

While on safari in Tanzania, there were many special experiences; hearing a lions powerful roar, spending an afternoon at an orphanage and glamping (luxury camping) in Serengeti. But, one of the most interesting parts of my trip to this African country was visiting a Maasai tribe.
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Spend the Day at a Country Club. Bucharest, Romania.

As we were driving up to Stejarii Country Club in Bucharest, I sat up a little straighter and properly crossed my legs, practicing my sophistication prior to arrival as I had never been to a country club before. Aren't they meant for classy women who sip fruity flavored iced tea, wear designer tennis outfits and reek of poise and refinement?
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18 Bucket List Things To Do in Santorini

The Greek island of Santorini (Thira) is in the southern Aegean Sea and actually consists of a group of islands. Though the complex is still an active volcano, it is most commonly known for it's brilliant blue roofs, but there are so many more things to do in Santorini than marvel at the blue roofs.
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Visit the UNESCO Kinderdijk Windmills in Netherlands

Stepping off the Viking River Cruise boat, a chill went down my spine. It was cold and drizzly outside, basically what you would expect for a December Christmas market cruise along the European Rhine. The difference with today was that we would be trading in the festive holiday markets for windmills. Lots of them.

Our boat ported […]

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Six Amazing Bucket List Ways to Experience the Open Water

There are countless ways to enjoy the open water all year round. Whether you’re after a relaxing day out in the sun or a thrilling winter adventure, keep your eyes peeled for exciting opportunities. Here are six adventurous ways to experience the joys of Earth’s waters.

1. Wakeboarding in the Med

This extremely trendy sport was only invented […]

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Volunteer Abroad for a Month. Go Experteering Overseas.

Make a real difference, live for free, and experience local culture in a remarkable way by giving your greatest assets: your time, brain, and heart. Here is the story of Deana who did just that. She’s a UX designer who volunteered her skills – “Experteered” – on her vacation to support Maya Traditions, a social […]

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Learn to Surf. Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica.

The first time I was traveling in Costa Rica I rented a surf board on the beach of Tamarindo determined to learn to surf, with absolutely no prior experience. There was no knowledgeable instructor in sight, just me, my board and a bucket list goal that needed to be conquered. The reality of what happened that […]

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Take a Boat Ride in the Peruvian Amazon

I had the hot and long opportunity to take a five day boat ride from Pucallpa to Iquitos, a small island in the Peruvian Amazon. There are no roads that go to Iquitos, so I had to choose between a $100 plane ticket or a 100 sole boat ticket.

There was no guarantee that the cargo […]

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