Snowshoe Through Glacier National Park in Montana

Call me crazy, but I was a little nervous about snowshoeing through part of the almost 1 million acres of Glacier National Park in Montana. The shoes just seemed ginormous, especially for someone who is prone to tripping over her own barefoot feet.

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Feed the Swimming Pigs in Exuma » Bahamas

Our speedboat glided through the translucent aquamarine waters of the Exuma Islands. Bordering the endless shades of blue were the powder-white sand beachfronts of the crescent-shaped shallow islands.

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Trek through a Sri Lankan Village: Hiriwadunna

Immersing yourself with the locals many times means getting out of the flashing city lights and exploring smalls towns that are not known to receive hordes of tourists. In Sri Lanka that meant breaking away from the capital city of Colombo and heading northeast to Hiriwadunna Village.

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5 Greek Islands You Should Definitely Explore This Year

Greek islands are the perfect getaway from the stresses and exertions of modern life. Whether you want to dive into the crystal blue pools, or maybe culture and history are more your thing, there’s sure to be a Greek Island for you.

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Be a Dogsledding Musher in Bigfork Montana

The snow started to drop as soon as we pulled up to Base Camp in Bigfork, not uncommon for this time of year in the Glacier Country of Montana. The current weather didn’t matter much, as long as the ground was covered in a blanket of white we would be able to spend the afternoon dogsledding.

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Win a 9-Day Culinary Adventure to Chile

Just the thought of Chile makes my mouth water. I can remember noshing on fresh seafood ceviche with hints of citrus, and overdosing on empanadas de pino, heavenly pockets filled with a mixture of ground beef, onions, raisins, black olives and hard boiled eggs.

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10 Unique Things to do in Dubai

Over the past decade, Dubai has made remarkable growth and has become a benchmark for the world. The journey from being a small Bedouin village to the largest oil supplier and finally becoming the global entertainment hub of the world, Dubai has come a long way.

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Shop at Chichi Market in Chichicastenango, Guatemala

Traveling to Guatemala had been an unexpected experience; a blend of traditional and modern. We had dined at uber trendy restaurants, strolled though the UNESCO city of Antigua, climbed the active Pacaya volcano and went sailfishing in the Pacific. Now we would be shopping at the famous Chichi Market in the city of Chichicastenango (say that fast 3 times).

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Go Snow Hiking in Northern Norway

I arrived to Norway in the middle of winter, snow was on the ground and and the weather was bitter cold, with temperatures in the 20s — quite chilly for this California girl. The temperatures were perfectly fine in the cozy confines of the Hurtigruten ship that I was cruising on for the week, but posed a chilling problem with the outdoor excursions everyday.

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The Best Southeast Asia Destination for Every Month of the Year

Travel is rejuvenating, exciting and a hell of a learning experience, if you know where to go and when! You don’t want to go to scuba-diving just to find out the beach has been cordoned off or go hiking to find your route packed with a hoard of fellow travelers.

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