10 Top Places Around the World to Celebrate Christmas

Holiday destinations are a great way to treat yourself and your loved ones during the festive Christmas season. Make an exciting trip, to the most wonderful places in the world, and be sure to capture a place in their memory forever and a day.

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Sendai Bucket List: 16 Things to Do

Just an hour and a half ride from Tokyo on the Japan's Shinkansen (the bullet train) you will find the city of Sendai. It is the capital city of the Miyagi Perfecture and a gem that sometimes gets overlooked. Sendai is the largest city in the Tōhoku region of Japan and is full of cultural monuments, unique foods and vibrant city lights.

27 Beautiful Tattoos That Tell Their Own Travel Stories

Tattoos are a special way to commemorate an unforgettable travel experience and when it comes to travel tattoo designs, the possibilities really are endless.


Captivating Chaos: Tokyo’s Robot Restaurant Show

Tokyo's quirky Robot Restaurant show will have you eating sushi out of a bento box while watching scantily clad girls ride twelve foot steel horses as live stuffed animals prance around the stage.

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3 Sacred Indonesian Places to Visit in Yogyakarta

While in the Yogyakarta region there are three of these magnificent monuments not to miss, and if you are as tenacious as me you can hit them all in one day: from sunrise to sunset.

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Foodie Bucket List: 30 Things Every Food Lover Must Do

Are you the ultimate foodie? Do you watch the Food Network nonstop and tailor your day around your next meal? Then this food lovers bucket list is for you.

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Fun (& Super Easy) Photo Editing App

I am not one of those photogenic girls who can take a random Iphone selfie and it ends up looking like a supermodels profile pic. For me, it takes a lot of effort. And hundreds of photographs.

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Raja Ampat Bucket List: 7 Things to Do

You'll have to venture way beyond Bali in order to explore the very remote Raja Ampat, who can definitely give Indonesia's most popular island a serious run for its money.

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How Being Confident Will Help You Achieve Your Toughest Bucket List Challenges

Don't be afraid to take necessary risks to check off the items on your bucket list. You have a lifetime to accomplish your goals, even the ones that feel like you’re preparing to hike Mount Everest. Believing in yourself is an essential first step to facing challenges.

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15 Cute Winter Jackets Fit for Travel

It’s a never ending battle when searching for travel clothing: practicality vs. cuteness. Of course, I want my clothing to be durable and fit the environment, but I also want to look good while wearing it.

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