Magnificent Seven – Bucket List Wonders of Latin America

Latin America has long been a favorite place for travelers seeking some adventure. There are heaps of ancient treasures and natural wonders. Here are seven of the best in this part of the world that you simply have to visit.
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Walk on Fort Bragg’s Glass Beach in Northern California

This roadtrip through the winding coastal roads of Mendocino county was a special treat. Peter and I were taking a spontaneous travel adventure three hours away from our Northern California home to see something first hand, something that I had only witnessed in pretty pictures on Pinterest, Instagram and such. I was on a mission to ogle it, touch it, walk on it and of course take my own dazzling photographs.

See a Vietnamese Water Puppet Show in Hanoi

Prior to having a travel blog or traveling to Vietnam, when the term 'puppet show' was mentioned, it would usually bring back memories of the tiny finger puppets I made in my childhood using permanent markers. Funny faces were painted on the pads of my ten digits and then an impromptu show was performed for my imaginary friends. I was the cast and the only one in attendance, but it surely was a fabulous show.
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The Perfect Travel Backpack Giveaway

I was eternally on the hunt for the perfect backpack, one that will take me from hiking an active volcano to going on an African safari to comfortably carrying all my technology while traveling by plane. Something that wasn't too petite, nor one that would make me topple over.
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Give a Gift to a Cancer Child in Mexico City

I walked into the back room of the coffee shop with butterflies in my stomach and a knot in my throat. How I would make it through this afternoon without completely breaking down was beyond me. Four of the sweetest children sat at one side of the table, and their mothers lined the other.
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Visit Dracula at Bran Castle in Transylvania, Romania

Myth has it that high above the valley of Romania, in the principality of Transylvania, lies a castle that was once occupied by count Dracula himself. Though you actually will find the gothic Bran Castle near the town of Brasov, which has long been linked to this ancient vampire, Dracula probably won't be there when you arrive.
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Kiss the Blarney Stone in Ireland

Millions have flocked to Ireland to kiss the Blarney Stone and receive the gift of eloquence. It is said that by bending over backwards while holding on to an iron railing and giving this legendary stone a smooch, you'll never be at a loss for words.
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22 Epic Ideas for Your Dog Bucket List

Canine friends can play a wide variety of roles in a person’s life. They can be the food allergen detector, the stress reliever, the security officer, the travel companion and even the wingman. However, it’s a fact that they won’t be around forever. This is why you should treasure every moment you have with them.
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Hike the Active Pacaya Volcano in Guatemala

Just like skiing and mountaineering is a part of the culture of the Swiss Alps, volcano hiking is huge chunk of the culture in Guatemala. The country has 37 officially named volcanoes, three of which that are still active. It is not uncommon to be driving by one of these and seeing a puff of smoke pop out from its peak.
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A BULLET-PROOF STRATEGY for Systematically Knocking Any Item off Your Bucket List

My wife and I are deep into planning our current quest—to spend a year traveling Europe, essentially LIVING our bucket list. With such a massive (and sometimes overwhelming!) goal, it’s easy to get caught up in the minor details.
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