wine collection tagsForget the Cosmos, Tequila Sunrises & Margaritas, I am abolutely a wine girl. Give me the jammiest Zinfandel you have and I am a happy girl. I have always wanted a wine collection and even though, at this point,

I do not have any sort of cellar or cooler I have acquired quite a hodgepodge of vintages, my own little wine collection.

As I was going through the bottles that I have, I was amazed by the memories that some of them brought; the wineries that were visited, the sales reps that left samples and the friends that had brought gifts. Just like smells can bring back a familar flashback, the aquisition of these vinos did the same for me. I am sure that the drinking of them will create a whole new set of stories to be told.

I don’t know how many bottles actually make up a wine collection, after some research it appears between 50-100 is the average. The dictionary definition of a collection is: a group of objects or an amount of material accumulated in one location, esp. for some purpose or as a result of some process. I have definitely achieved that!


  1. Sparkling Pinot Noir/Chardonnay, Greg Norman, Australia
  2. Prosecco, Caposaldo, Italy
  3. ‘07 Gewurztraminer, Pacific Rim, Washington
  4. ’06 Reisling, Pacific Rim, Santa Cruz
  5. ’06 Thousand Flowers, Hop Kiln, Russian River
  6. ‘08 Pinot Grigio, Montevina, Napa
  7. ’06 Pinot Grigio, Bolla, Italy
  8. ’07 Classico, Ruffino, Orvieto
  9. ‘08 Sauvignon Blanc, Murphy-Goode, Sonoma Co
  10. ’08 Sauvignon Blanc, Rochioli, Russian River Valley
  11. ’06 Sauvignon Blanc, Cedar Brook, California
  12. ’07 Sauvignon Blanc, Brancott, New Zealand
  13. ‘07 Chardonnay, La Crema, Sonoma Coast
  14. ’06 Chardonnay, Rosa D’oro, Lake County
  15. ’06 Chardonnay, Castle Rock, Central Coast
  16. ’07 Chardonnay, Clos Du Bois, North Coast
  17. ‘06 Chardonnay, Kenwood, Glen Ellen
  18. ’09 Chardonnay, Siete Fincas, Argentina
  19. ’06 Chardonnay, La Czar, Dry Creek Valley
  20. ‘07 Viognier, Bonterra, Mendocino
  21. ’07 Rose, Scary Dogs, Sonoma Coast
  22. ‘06 Big Red Blend, Hop Kiln, Healdsburg
  23. ‘05 Pound Hound Red, California
  24. ‘07 Chianti DOCG, Tiziano, Tuscany
  25. ’07 Chianti Classico, Renzo Marinai, Greve in Chianti
  26. ‘07 Montepulciano D’Abruzzo DOC, Zonin, Italy
  27. ‘07 Pinot Noir, Carmel Road, Monterey
  28. ’06 Pinot Noir, Chateau St Jean, Sonoma
  29. ’06 Pinot Noir, Rochioli, Russian River
  30. ‘07 Dolcetto, Rosa D’Oro, Kelseyville
  31. ‘07 Merlot, Robert Hall, Paso Robles
  32. ’05 Merlot, Dry Creek Vineyard, Dry Creek Valley
  33. ‘06 Cabernet, Lake Sonoma, Alexander Valley
  34. ’96 Cabernet Sauvignon, Freemark Abbey, Napa Valley
  35. ’03 Cabernet Sauvignon, Kenwood Artists Series, Sonoma County
  36. ‘07 Zinfandel, Dry Creek Vineyard, Dry Creek
  37. ’06 Zinfandel, Passalacqua, Dry Creek Valley
  38. ’06 Zinfandel, La Czar, Dry Creek Valley
  39. ’06 Zinfandel, B.R. Cohn, Sonoma Valley
  40. ’07 Zin-Giovese Rose, Ramazzotti, Dry Creek Valley
  41. ‘08 Sangiovese DOC, Bolla, Italy
  42. ‘05 Syrah, La Czar, Dry Creek Valley
  43. ’05 Syrah, Rancho Sisquoc, Santa Barbara County
  44. ‘08 Malbec, Septima, Argentina
  45. ’07 Rosso Abboccato, Caecius, Toscana
  46. Chocolate Port Deco, Sonoma
  47. Porto White, Ramos Pinto, Portugal
  48. Ruby Porto, Croft, Portugal
  49. 10 Year Old Tawny Porto, Warre’s Otima Ten, Portugal
  50. Moscato, Eos, Tears of Dew, Paso Robles


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