Visit an Offbeat Asian Market. Hong Kong’s Goldfish Market.

Hong Kong boasts a variety of markets and I went to just about every one of them. But, one stood out as a bucket list worthy event, probably because in all my travels I had never witnessed anything like it. The Goldfish Market is truly unique. And a bit quirky.

Hong Kong’s Goldfish Market caters to the locals and their Feng Shui lifestyle. Aquariums equal good luck in the Asian culture and can be found in many homes.

Fish symbolize good fortune and water attracts energy of wealth and abundance. Who couldn’t use a little fortune, wealth and abundance? I think I need some fish

Hong Kong Goldfish Market

I have never had an aquarium and the only pet fish I have owned was Goldy who I won at the fair by tossing a ping pong ball into a small fish bowl. He died. Not lucky at all.

We headed to the Goldfish Market in the late afternoon to look at all the other still living Goldy’s.

I was on the lookout for blocks of closed off streets dedicated to fishy goods running straight down the center. Just like the architecture of most of the markets I had visited in the past.

But, this “market” is actually just a typical road lined with several dozen shops devoted to selling an array of interesting fish and their accessories.

All of the stores were packed with locals. This is a market that caters to them, not the tourists who will obviously not be buying aquarium fish as a souvenir

Every conceivable fish tank accessory can be found here too; gravel, lighting, plants, nets, etc.

Hong Kong Goldfish Market

And they don’t just sell fish, they also sell snakes, spiders, lizards and such. But, mostly aquatic vertebrates. Not sure where amphibians fit into the Feng Shui lifestyle. But, spiders have no place near my imaginary fish tank.

I only wish I had the chance to visit one of the homes that had a lucky aquarium on display. I must say though, I’m half tempted to get an aquarium after seeing all the beautiful fish. We’ll see, maybe in the future!

Would going to the Goldfish Market in Hong Kong be on your bucket list? Have you ever owned an aquarium?

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6 thoughts on “Visit an Offbeat Asian Market. Hong Kong’s Goldfish Market.”

    • I don’t particularily care for them being stuck in those bags either, though I would feel much worse if they were doing it as a show for the tourists. This market was really for the locals and a part of their culture.

  1. Actually since my visit to the shedd aquarium I am smitten with jelly fish! I found a site that sells the whole set up with 3 small moon jellies/ it’s $400 for a small tank so its not in the near future but one day I totally want to have a jellyfish tank!

    • That’s funny because I am fascinated by the jelly fish too when I go to aquariums. I just don’t want to be stung by one!


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