Go Victorian House Hunting in San Antonio’s King William District

Every place I travel to, I comb the neighborhoods to find my “future” home. Typically a sprawling stucco, single story next to the beach and with a view. I am a dreamer. So, I didn’t expect anything different from San Antonio’s King William District. Though I am not usually a Victorian home lover, I went pseudo house hunting in the area.

The King William District was zoned Texas’ first historic district and in the 1800s was considered the most elegant area. 

Victorian Homes in San Antonio, Texas

Victorian Homes in San Antonio, Texas

The first home I was “fake” going to buy, had a charming wrap around porch that seemed to be well suited for lemonade serving on a hot Texas night.

Victorian Homes in San Antonio, Texas

I simply fell in love with the next home because of the equestrian mailbox. Sometimes it is just that easy.

Victorian Homes in San Antonio, Texas

The third home in the King William District had its own barrier gate, just like the Queen of England. I’m sold.

Then came the lions. who wouldn’t want lion statues guarding your homes entrance? So regal. And rose bushes? I could take up gardening.

If we could only combine lions, wrap around porches, lush gardens and iron gates…

Just as I was beginning to feel like I had walked all of the districts 25 blocks, there it was…my home.

A three story stone building with a mid-level veranda. I could envision sunbathing on a cushy lounge chair whilst sipping mojitos.

And…wait for it…a front yard with a shrub maze. The only thing missing were the lions.

This home in the King William District is the Edward Steves Homestead, built for the founder of Steves Lumber Company. In 1952 the property was donated to the San Antonio Conservation Society. Sadly, I can NOT live in this home, but I can visit between the hours of 10 and 4.

Do you “house hunt”  when you travel?

14 thoughts on “Go Victorian House Hunting in San Antonio’s King William District”

  1. When I was in grade school a friend of mine lived in a King William house. I remember my mother making a big deal about it but I didn't truly understand the excitement. But at the sleepover when my friend showed me the secret passage from her sister closet to her mothers bedroom I was suitably impressed. The glass walled room full of plants, and tiny details were the stuff of girlish fantasies. I hadn't thought of that for years! Thanks for your post!!!

  2. Oh I so love to house hunt – I never realised that is what I am doing….yet I must be because where ever we are I am always checking out houses :)
    I love the one with the letter box, and that maize would be ideal for our kids. Yet I would never like to live in such a big house because of all that cleaning – but then again – I could hire a live in cleaner/cook??
    Thanking you for sharing houses in San Antonio

  3. Checking out houses is a favourite past-time of mine, except that I spend my time looking in English country villages :-)
    L x

  4. Was this on your bucket list? Or do you just post things that you end up doing? And I love house hunting! Contrary to most of my peers, I watch HGTV a lot like Extreme Makeover: House Edition, House Hunters, and House Hunters International. I was actually watching an edition when they were searching for a house in Southern California, and they were touring "Painted Ladies" which were vintage townhouses that costed at least one million dollars. Please comment on my bucket list blog, matthewsbucketlist.wordpress.com. It would mean so much if you gave me advice on how to manage it!

    • I write about any unique or memorable new experience that I have related to travel, food and bucket lists. I am all about getting off my butt and trying new things, whatever they may be.

      Thanks for making me aware of your blog, I commented on it :)


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