It is extremely difficult for me to pinpoint my absolute favorite bucket list adventure, but a couple high on the list are swimming in Jellyfish Lake in Palau and going on safari in Tanzania. Though, thinking about it got me wondering if other travelers had a life list check that stood out amongst the rest. So, I asked the question “What has been your favorite bucket list adventure?” and here are what 15 avid travelers, writers and bloggers said:

Submitted by Andrea at Rear View Mirror.
Bucket List Adventure: Kangaroo in Australia
“Growing up in Australia you might think I’d have had plenty of opportunities for getting up close to our native fauna but it was only a couple of years ago I was able to hold a koala and a kangaroo for the first time. This took place at a farm in Denmark in Australia’s south west and I’m sure all the animal lovers out there will understand what an incredible experience this was. Australia has some of the most beautiful wildlife in the world and I feel lucky to have been able to hold these amazing animals.”

Submitted by Dan & Casey at A Cruising Couple
Cruising Couple Bicycle Ride
We created our first bucket list together on our honeymoon nearly three years ago. One of the items on that list was to ‘cross-country tour via bicycle’. We had never cycled before, but the idea of slowly immersing ourselves in a new location via bike sounded perfect. Last summer, we finally crossed the item off our list when we cycled 1600 kilometers through Vietnam. It was one of the most challenging things we’ve ever done, but also one of the most rewarding. We were able to experience a side of Vietnam that just wouldn’t have been accessible any other way.

Submitted by Larissa at Changes in Longitude
Making Pasta in Italy
Despite all my efforts, I’ve never really learned how to make pasta from scratch. On a recent trip to Bologna, I was determined to change all that.  I took a pasta-making class at the agriturismo, Podere San Guiliano. No using a pasta machine here; according to proprietor Federica Frattini, “you want to make fresh pasta, you roll by hand.” To my surprise and delight, with just a few fresh eggs, some flour and a rolling pin (and some very gunky fingers), I was able to master the technique!

Submitted by Danny at Life Listed
experience weightlessness
I recently had the opportunity to experience real weightlessness by flying in the aircraft astronauts use for training. The converted plane does gigantic parabolic arcs in order to create the same weightlessness that is experienced while in orbit. Floating around the interior of the plane was my single most fun bucket list adventure yet.

Submitted by Tamara at Globe Guide
Tamara in the Maldives

I was never a girl who dreamed about her wedding day. Instead, I imagined about where my honeymoon would be: the stunning Maldives, a group of postcard-perfect islands in the Indian Ocean. It was a no-brainer that the fantasy would include a stay in an luxurious overwater villa, and it all came true when my husband and I travelled there in 2012 for our honeymoon. We were treated to champagne, breakfast in bed, a pillow menu and the services of a private butler—how fancy is that?! We spent sun-drenched days relaxing in the infinity pool, getting massages at the spa, relaxing on our private deck and snorkeling in the incredible reef right below our villa. It was heaven!

Submitted by Natalie at
Ice Climbing in Alaska
“Ever watch one of those films on extreme mountaineering and wondered if you could handle such an adventure? Well, I did, and so trying out ice climbing has been on my bucket list for years. Alaska is an ideal place for it: Wrangell/St. Elias is the largest national park in North America, home to 9 of the 16 highest peaks hosting hundreds of glaciers! With blue skies, I took my first steps with crampons on the ice. What a crazy feeling! I had done rock climbing before but trusting that your spikes and ice picks to hold your body weight is something different. The gratification to be dropped into a Moulin, roaring waterfalls beneath you, and make it up again into the sunlight! Highly recommended for those who need an adrenalin rush, but don’t want to go for the extreme mountaineering.  And don’t worry, you can try your skills on an easy ice wall before being lowered into a Moulin!”

Submitted by Jonathan at Life Part 2
Tigers Nest Temple in Paro Bhutan
“Bhutan is one of the places that was always on my Bucket List but somehow felt out of reach. I remember being a kid and looking through old copies of National Geographic and imagining what a place known as the ‘Land of the Thunder Dragon’ must be like. As an youth I remember reading contemporary accounts of a charismatic and enlightened king who measured governmental success in term of GNH (Gross National Happiness) not in cold numbers like GNP (Gross National Product). I saw stories about yetis and ancient monasteries built unbelievably high into sheer rock face. I had to see the place and a few months ago I got the opportunity! It was magic and certainly lived up to expectations.”

Submitted by Sucheta at Go Eat Give
Sucheta in Belizebelize
One of the many items on my bucket list was to take a private chopper over the Great Blue Hole in Belize, the largest ocean sinkhole in the world. It was my last day in Belize & I was on my way to the airport, but my friend Erik surprised me & granted my wish! The front seat of the 4-passenger helicopter equipped with glass floors & 360 windows allowed for a magnificent view of this natural phenomenon. It was not only a “pinch me” moment, but I still can’t believe it happened every time I look at the photos from this experience. Read more…

Submitted by Heather at Ferreting out the Fun

Bucket List Adventure: Great Wall of China HeatherAs soon as I knew I would be moving to Shanghai, I started dreaming about all the extraordinary things in China I wanted to see. The country is large, and so was my list. Unsurprisingly, climbing the Great Wall of China was near the top. Located on the outskirts of Beijing, getting there proved to be half the fun, and involved trains, buses and hitching a ride with a complete stranger, but it’s definitely one of those things you have to do at least once. The segment of the Wall I visited had been newly restored, but it was still impressive to see Ming Dynasty watchtowers poking up at intervals along the hills, the Wall snaking between them until disappearing over the hazy horizon.


Submitted by Esther at EstherandJacob.comBungee Jumping
Our skydive got cancelled due to weather 3 times, but we knew that either way we wanted to take advantage of being in the extreme sports capital of the world. We decided to do the Ledge Bungy, which is a 47 meter jump overlooking Queenstown. It looks much higher because you’re 400 meters above the city. Walking the plank was the longest walk in my life. My legs were shaky the entire time, but I knew I had to act like I had it under control. The more afraid you seem, the NZ guys running the jump like to pull pranks on you. I got a running start and took a leap of faith. Then it was over before I knew it. It was so fast that I didn’t even feel a falling sensation.

Submitted by Michelle at Confessed Travelholic

Michelle Red Telephone BoothI’ve always dreamt of moving to Europe when I was little. Growing up as an aspiring artist and having gone to art school, it seemed like the most perfect place to be surrounded by arts and culture. I love Canada, but I’ve always wanted something more so after I finished my Bachelors degree I was determined to move to Europe. I was pretty lucky and was offered a job as an English teacher in Germany right after I graduated and since then, it’s been a pretty epic adventure. The thing I love most about Europe is how easy it is to travel around the continent, and in the past year or so, I’ve done everything from partying in the Mediterranean beaches, to drinking beer by the liter at Oktoberfest, strolling down the streets of Paris, sipping coffee in a Vienna café, exploring London by tube, sampling the coffee shops in Amsterdam, taking advantage of the cheap nightlife in Eastern Europe and so much more! When you’re young and adventurous, there’s nothing better than living abroad.

Submitted by Carole at Travels with Carole
Bucket List Idea: Camel Ride in Egypt
I completed this bucket list item a few years ago.  In fact, I managed to take care of two bucket list items with one stone—Egypt AND a camel ride.  Both were bumpy and exhilarating experiences.

Submitted by Jen at The Trusted Traveller
Carnegie New York
Ever since I started dreaming of travelling the world, one place was always top of my list, New York City. It was, and still is my ultimate destination and in 2012 I was lucky enough to spend a week in this “concert jungle where dream are made of” (Alicia Keys reference). There were dozens of things on my bucket list that I wanted to tick off in New York including walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, hanging out in Times Square, shopping at Macy’s and seeing the NYC skyline from the Hudson. Along with these were countless food related items including this one, eating a world famous pastrami sandwich from the Carnegie Deli complete with an assortment of fresh pickles. Yum!

Submitted by Juliann at Browsing the Atlas
I just returned from Savannah, Georgia, where I took my first baby step toward one of my bucket list items. I got the chance to learn about beekeeping, then donned a veil and handled bees! I can’t wait to try this at home.

Submitted by Jonny at Don’t Stop Living and Crossing World Borders
Jonny Blair at Half Moon Island Antarctica
“It was a lifelong dream of mine to visit every continent. The one I anticipated and longed for the most was Antarctica. As I backpacked my way through Taiwan and Australia in 2009 I set my mind on making sure I would have been to every continent by the age of 30. Getting to Antarctica as a cheapskate, tightassed backpacker isn’t easy. But I was determined so I bought a tent and got myself a job on remote broccoli farms in central Tasmania, closing myself off from the world for a few months to work hard, live cheap and save money so that I could make it to Antarctica.

When the moment came it was magical…

I got upgraded to a twin bedroom, all the food and drink was included (except alcohol) and we got an extra 2 days as our trip was the first of the season! We docked first on Barrientos Island and were greeted by the natives – penguins and a snowstorm. Over the 13 day trip we also visited the British and Polish bases, a Post Office, the Antarctic mainland and a load of cool icebergs, islands and hills. We even visited a former volcano (Deception Island), a whaling station, went hiking and went for the “polar plunge”, swimming in the cold waters of the world’s coldest, driest, windiest and most remote continent. No superlatives will ever do Antarctica justice. I had lived my travel dreams and was in awe of this marvellous southern wonderland. An inspiring journey.

I love Annette’s website and travelled with her in Africa but believe it or not I’m not actually a fan of the term ‘bucket list’, in fact it’s probably the use of the word ‘bucket’ in the phrase that annoys me!! What I do love doing is living my travel dreams, reaching targets, achieving ambitions and passing milestones. You can check out my backpacking in Antarctica stories on my sites Don’t Stop Living and Crossing World Borders. Safe travels. Jonny”

What has been your favorite Bucket List Adventure?

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