After returning from an uber-relaxing vacation to the Western Caribbean and being thrown back into the chaos of my reality, I found myself wondering how to make my everyday life more like being on a permanent travel vacation. And here are the 12 ideas idea came up with.

no cellphone sign1. Unplug
Power off the cell phone, disconnect the Internet & shut down the television. That should leave you plenty of opportunity to do the rest of the 11 items on this list.

2. Dine Outside
Nothing says travel vacation more than dining al fresco. It brings back fond memories of my travels to Tuscany, Costa Rica and the Caribbean.

3. Sleep More
Pull down the “blackout” shades and take a mid afternoon nap. Bonus points if you can do it outside on a hammock.

4. Have Drinks Before 5
Enjoy a Bloody Mary for breakfast or a mixed cocktail at lunch. Not sure what to drink? Check out the Bucket List for 111 Cocktails You Must Try.

5. Try Something New
Venture out of your comfort zone and do something that you have never done before. It doesn’t have to be something “over the top” crazy, it could be as simple as taking a new route to work. Need ideas? Feel free to use anything from My Bucket List.

6. Socialize with Strangers
Travel always includes socializing, so strike up a friendly conversation in line at the market, while pumping gas or in the doctors waiting room.

7. Don’t Talk Work at Home
Zip your lip when it comes to talking about “the office”. Instead try discussing your goals, hobbies, dreams to add to the bucket list or future travel.

8. Enjoy Nature
Get off the couch, there is no need to be there anymore since the tube has been turned off. Take a walk around the neighborhood, visit an animal sanctuary or hike to the top of a mountain.

9. Play Games
Pull out that dusty Scrabble game, deck of cards or venture to have a cut-throat battle of quarters.

10. See a Show
Don’t limit yourself to just a movie at the local cineplex, but go and let a comedian make you laugh or be entertained by live theater.

11. Indulge
Eat dessert first or just eat dessert. Indulge in this great Nutella Brownie recipe.

12. Get a House Cleaner
Enjoy the luxury of walking into a home that is organized, smelling of cleaning chemicals and a floor immaculate enough to not need a “5-second” rule.

What ideas do you have to make your everday life more like a travel vacation?

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