Donating, giving and volunteering will have an eternal place on my bucket list. No matter how many checks end up next to it. For me, giving is an important part of happiness and that is why I was thrilled when my restaurant, Sugo Trattoria, was invited to decorate a Christmas tree to benefit the Rwanda School Project and other local organizations.

The Fabulous Women organization puts on a yearly Festival of Trees event that draws dozens of creative tree entries and raises thousands of dollars for deserving organizations.

They supplied me with a four foot DIY tree, my blank canvas. And I put on my artsy-fartsy hat, which I more than occasionally like to wear.
half of the tree

The only instructions were it should be classy, glitzy and represent your business. The tree will then be auctioned off and all the proceeds with be donated to charity. Being a restaurateur, related decor themes immediately cluttered my mind; pasta, wine, flatware, table clothes and napkins. Ugh.

Then I envisioned dried pasta crumbling to the ground, children running around with forks they had plucked and people using the napkins as coasters during the event. No good.

So, instead I present you the “Tools of the Trade” themed Christmas Tree decorated in cooking utensils, Sugo Trattoria gift cards, handmade garland and glittery ornaments.
Utensil Themed Christmas Tree

What exactly is on this tree? I am glad you asked.

There is a selection of quality cooking utensils from Crate & Barrel and Sur La Table.
Utensil Themed Christmas Tree

A glitzy handmade cork and pasta garland which allowed me to use a power tool and glitter all in one shot.

Worth the effort, though I will surely be sweeping up glitter on my floor for years to come.
Wine Cork Garland on the Tree

A bottle of Hall Sauvignon Blanc, for you to drink while using your cooking utensils. Along with ceramic serving ware for the delicious dish you will certainly be whipping up.
Wine Basket Underneath

Last but not least, a handmade topper of an espresso cup, saucer, wine glass, mason jar and lid.

And the finished tree. Ta da.
Wine Glass Tree TopperUtensil Themed Christmas Tree

If you are interested in bidding on the Sugo tree (or any of the dozens of others), the event starts on December 1st. See the Fabulous Women website for all the details.

What theme would you have decorated your tree in?

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