There are not many desserts that I won’t eat…and enjoy thoroughly. A tiny bit of something sweet is the perfect finale to every meal. I even keep semi-sweet chocolate baking chips in my freezer, for a quick fix. I would have never thought that there would be a strange dessert in the world. But, I may have found it.

After having foie gras at Feast Restaurant in San Antonio, Texas, we headed over to The Monterey for the Apple and Cheddar pop-tart.

I originally wanted to indulge in the Chocolate & Gingerbread Ho-Ho, but they were eighty-sixed by the time we arrived. That’s okay. I had fond memories of the homemade pop tarts at Bouchon Bakery in Yountville and have been coveting the perfect replacement ever since they removed it from their pastry repertoire.
Monterey Strange Dessert Menu

I started my sugar-high with the Cinnamon Hot Chocolate topped with toasted marshmallows. This was not a strange dessert. Not by a long shot.

I plucked each pillow of heaven off separately and then sipped the very sweet, rich liquid below. This would have been enough to cure my sweet tooth. But, I have no willpower.
Hot Chocolate & Marshmallow Dessert Hot Chocolate & Marshmallow Dessert

An unidentifiable object arrived at the table. With its heavy layer of shredded white cheddar, it definitely did not resemble a typical dessert. Odd.

I like cheese. I like pastry crust. I like apples.

And individually, the dough had the perfect balance of flaky and crunchy, the cheese was fresh, the apple was tart, yet sweet. Together? It was a strange dessert. I kept going in for another bite just to see if this unfamiliar combination would become friends in my mouth. Nope.
Strange Dessert in San Antonio

I am going back to The Monterey. For the Ho-Ho.

Have you ever had this strange dessert combination? What’s the strangest dessert you have ever eaten?

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