How much can you eat in five hours? Apparently, I can sample 26 dishes, including 7 desserts, representing 5 countries. All that without an upsetting gurgle in my stomach. Success.

I was graciously asked to do a food sampling at local eateries that were participating in the Taste of Petaluma, a foodie lovers progressive eating event held in my hometown. One event that I have never actually attended because my restaurant is always a participant.

Since I hadn’t had the opportunity to try many dishes on the Tastes menu, I jovially obliged and so did my stomach.

The gluttonous tour started at Everest, an Indian restaurant that also features a limited selection of Nepalese and Tibetan cuisine.

We noshed on Indian style pizza, apricot-coconut chicken. daal (a slow mixed lentil soup) and rice.

The thin crust pizza rivaled many others in the area, but the chicken-apricot dish was the one that warranted seconds.

This ‘sampling’ could have made for the perfect sized lunch, but we weren’t done. Not by a long shot.

Next, we moseyed over to Everest’s neighbor, Paradise Sushi. They serve all-you-can-eat sushi. Seriously, all…you…can…eat!

For the record, I am a firm believer that no one should ever actually eat all-they-can-eat, but I was still ready to indulge.

We were served a Ninja and Carburetor roll. I like the hardcore names. And I like the sushi. Especially the unexpected mango topping and shrimp tempura inside.

Paradise apparently didn’t think the sushi was heavenly enough, because they had to also serve us a tender teriyaki chicken. You are going to have to roll me out of here.

Avatars, coined as ‘ethnic confusion’ cuisine, dished up a blackened chicken with vegetables and a passion fruit ginger sauce. As an extra bonus, they let us try their Rose syrup lemonade. I’m parched right now, can I have another glass?

It was Petaluma Pie time, an hour I had been looking forward to. My hopes were for something chocolaty to wash down the meat and spices prior.

To my complete surprise, there was a selection of savory, in addition to the sweet, pies to choose from. 

We actually didn’t choose. They simply gave us one of each. That sounds appropriate considering my previous caloric intake.

The hand pie was a sausage, pepper and onions with just the right amount of flaky. But, my favorite of the savories was the steaming chicken pot pie. The typical frozen version at the grocery store doesn’t even begin to compete. Don’t bother.

…and then the nectarine and blackberry pie hit the table. It called my name. I swear. It said, “Annette try me, I will not disappoint.” The pie was right.

The shameful remnants at Petaluma Pie.

What better way to cure a pie overload then with a dark chocolate fondue? At this point, I can not think of anything more appropriate. Viva Cocolat served fun dippables and Deco port with this fondue.

If no one was looking I would have just ate spoonfuls of chocolate with a full glass of port chaser.

Thank goodness that there was a reprieve, the second part of the tasting was on a different day, otherwise this could have been bad. Really bad.

We began with dessert first, this day was starting off on a good foot.

A trio of cheesecakes from Sinful Delights. Yes. Sinful. Yes. Delightful. Though there were three options I gravitated, and therefore devoured, the caramel macchiato. Chocolate mint and NY raspberry made a good showing, but the gooey caramel in the middle put the macchiato over the edge.

Who doesn’t follow up cheesecake with homemade Meatball Sliders? Why not. Cordoza’s was serving a mini version of their famous #9 sandwich, smothered in provolone. Almost as sinful as the three cheesecakes I had prior.

On the lighter side of things, Hiro’s Japanese gave us samples of my absolute favorite dish on their menu, the Ahi poke, along with California and Spring rolls.

This is one fresh seafood dish that I have had many times at Hiro’s and even though my stomach was bulging, I cleaned my plate.

Truth be told, I was most excited about the sampling held at the Social Club because this restaurant is still a construction zone and I desperately wanted a pre-opening sneak peak.

After the sampling I am even more titillated and intrigued by Social Club.

Not only because they served us delicious gazpacho, but because this place is going to be cool, swanky and…social. From their Tuttle’s Elixirs to the outside patio with fire pits to the cushy indoor seating area. This is my kind of hangout.  If you can’t find me at work, I will be belly up to their bar sipping on one of their signature cocktails.

Last, but not least, eleven PR representatives and journalists came to my husband and my restaurant for this mini-taste.

We, at Sugo Trattoria, are serving house crafted and artfully cured Bresaola & Coppa Carpaccio with a dressed arugula & fennel salad.

The meat was handmade by my husband and cured for approximately three months. It takes time for something this good. Toot. Toot.

I may not eat for the next week, but the memories of these 26 dishes will live on.

You too can taste a town in an afternoon at the Taste of Petaluma on August 25th, from 11:30-4:00. There will be 60 purveyors dishing up the finest food, wine and beer.

If you attend, make sure you bring some tasty samples to Sugo where I will be a busy plating hundreds of Charcuterie dishes. By then I will be ready for another meal.

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