I don’t recall ever seeing a 3-D movie, not even the award-winning Avatar. So, I added it to my bucket list, in hopes of turning this goal into a reality. Luckily, Texas does everything bigger and San Antonio one-upped this dream by offering a 4-D movie experience. I am not sure what the fourth D would actually entail, but I was not passing up the opportunity to find out. And the Alamo Trolley will take me there.

The Alamo Trolley makes ten stops at some of the most famous San Antonio sites.

Though I didn’t have time for all of them I did make it to the Alamo, Institute of Texan Cultures, Mission San Jose, King Williams Historic District, Market Square and, of course, the Tower of the Americas where my movie experience was awaiting. I hope they have popcorn.
Alamo Trolley

The Tower of the Americas is 750 ft high, taller than the Space Needle, not nearly as tall as Toronto’s CN Tower. 

After taking the elevator to the top and witnessing the 360 degree view, it was time to travel back down to safety for the 12:30 showing of Skies Over Texas. I didn’t want to be late and have to sit in the front row.
Tower of Americas

We were each given a pair of uber-chic red glasses. These weren’t those flimsy paper 3-D glasses, these were made of sturdy plastic. If they weren’t loaners, they could have been my next fashion statement.
4-D theater in San AntonioAnnette White at a 4-D Movie

For the next fifteen minutes we took a high-flying trip over the Lone Ranger State, where I dodged objects being flung at my head. I swear. There was a snake that striked at my face. He missed. The bucking bronco nearly stomped on my lap. This was getting dangerous.

My chair shook, mist was sprayed on my head and puffs of wind blew. Now I know what the fourth D is.
4-D Movie

Have you ever taken the Alamo Trolley or seen a 4-D movie?

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