Break the Monotony by Taking a Different Route to Work

Today, I’m tossing you the keys to an unconventional and free bucket list idea – take a different route to work. Yes. On the surface, you may think that this is a pretty trivial goal….but, hear me out. In a world obsessed with conquering Everest or swimming with sharks, let’s not forget that some of life’s spiciest moments often come from the simplest ingredients. Taking a detour in your daily grind isn’t about plotting coordinates; it’s about discovering some new pit stops hiding in plain sight.

Taking a different route to work is an easy and free bucket list goal that you can complete. And you might see something new and beautiful!

Why Take a New Route to Work?

Think about your daily commute – the familiar route, the perfectly synchronized seven stoplights, the powder-blue house with cream trim that’s begging for a fresh coat of paint. How often do you pass by the neighbors outside, pausing their lawn mowing routine to exchange a friendly wave?

Repetition tends to breed complacency. Taking the same route every day might lead to a monotonous drive, driven by sheer memorization. To break free from this cycle, why not venture into unexplored paths? Trying different routes not only engages your mind but may open your eyes to a new world around you. You may discover a quieter, safer alternative to your daily grind or one that’s livelier and will wake you up by the time you get to the office.

This simple act of choosing a different route may lead you to seeing a pretty sunrise over a quiet neighborhood, stumble upon vibrant street art that tells a story, or encounter a local market bustling with life. These are the little moments that enrich our lives.

But why stop at just a change in scenery? Taking a different route to work is symbolic – a metaphorical reminder that life’s journey is an ever-evolving adventure. It’s about embracing the unknown, stepping out of our comfort zones, and acknowledging that every turn holds the potential for something remarkable.

The yellow lines on the road

My Experience Taking a New Route to Work

Admittedly, this may sound like it was the easiest goal on my list. However, living a mere four blocks from my workplace posed its own challenges.

To accomplish this modest adventure, I decided to take the “long” route to my destination – a whopping five blocks. The extra two minutes added to my commute seemed inconsequential, but the rewards were unexpected. Traveling down Oak Street, a route previously unexplored, I found myself captivated by the cutest white cottage house. A quick pit stop to capture a photo was a testament to the hidden gems waiting to be uncovered when we step out of our routine.

In summary, those additional two minutes not only introduced me to new feline friends but also unveiled a memorable home, leaving me with a sense of rejuvenation, if only for a fleeting moment. The verdict? Absolutely worth it.

car driving on the road

In life it is often some of the small deviations from our routines that have the biggest impacts. I am not saying that taking a different route to work will change your life, but it is a tiny bucket list goal that might lead to some unexpected discoveries.

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5 thoughts on “Break the Monotony by Taking a Different Route to Work”

  1. Wow, you're right…that is totally random!  Like you, I live near my job. I have a 3 mile commute that takes less than 5 minutes.  My entire morning routine is schedule around getting out the door before the bus stop at the entrance to my neighborhood.  If I'm even a few minutes behind, my typical 3 minute commute turns into a 6 minute one and it throws off my whole day.

  2. I, too, only have about a 4 minute drive to work, but I find myself doing this too sometimes. There is this route to my job that is a LOT longer than the one I normally take (it adds about 10+ minutes) but it is a road that drives alongside this beautiful river that runs through our town and the drive itself is humbling.
    At 7:00am (when I need to start gettin my butt in gear to drive to work), the water is like glass and you are almost ALWAYS guaranteed to see ducks and swans on it. The sun rises in the summer over the mountains and reflects on its surface, and the air is so fresh and dewy. I often take it when I have time to kill and/or need a mood pick-me-up. I am the same in that I believe ANY new experience is a good one and could never be considered "lame."
    Have you taken this route since?

    • That sounds like a beautiful route! I have taken my “alternative route” since the first time and add a few other new ones to it too ;)

  3. This is one of the interesting and most go to bucket list I have since childhood. Used to do this when I was in school. Should imply this for work too. Thanks for sharing this one, Annette. Honest, keep up the great work…

    • It’s wonderful to hear that you used to do this during school days! Bringing those cherished activities into the present, especially for work, sounds like a fantastic idea. Thanks for your kind words and happy reminiscing!


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