Take a Maasai Walking Expedition in Tanzania, Africa

While on safari in Tanzania, there were many special experiences; hearing a lions powerful roar, spending an afternoon at an orphanage and glamping (luxury camping) in Serengeti. But, one of the most interesting parts of my trip to this African country was visiting a Maasai tribe.

With their unique culture it is hard not to be curious about their lifestyle.
Maasai Trek in Tanzania, Africa

The Maasai are noticeable throughout Tanzania by the colorful red and blue dress.

The Maasai are a semi-nomadic people, living in mud huts, whose livestock are the primary source of income. The women actually do most of the work inside of each village, while the men are in charge of creating wealth with their herds of cattle and being the warriors. Their livestock holds so much value because, as a form of currency, it can be traded for an array of goods.

Not only are the cattle and other livestock used for currency, they are also used as the main nutrition. Even the cows blood is drank on special occasions, such as a circumcision, when a boy in puberty will become a warrior.
Maasai People on a Trek in Tanzania

Would you like to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience exploring the breathtaking country on foot and being immersed in the Maasai culture, all with a meaningful purpose?

You can with Expedition Masai

Expedition Masai is an intimate walking tour which allows participants to explore majestic scenery, connect with Maasai culture, and make a difference while learning about our humanitarian work in Africa.”
Maasai Trek in Tanzania, Africa

With Expedition Masai you will trek through the Serengeti, marveling at the landscape of Northern Tanzania and immersing yourself in the Maasai culture. Plus, you will be visiting some of Amref Health Africa’s projects, whose work is committed to providing lasting health change in African communities.

Travel with purpose.

Maasai Trek Tanzania

The 8 day itinerary will be guided by Maasai warriors and starts in Kilimajaro. It then takes you just North of the Kenyan border to visit an Amref Health Africa water project. After you will hike up the Mount Makarot, down the Empakaai Crater and travel along the valley of Lake Natron. Plus, so much more. {See complete itinerary}

Maasai Trek in Tanzania, Africa

How do I make a difference and travel Expedition Masai?

Details: An expert local tour company will coordinate all logistics, including providing jeeps to transport the luggage, food, and tents. Hotel accommodations will be arranged at each end of the trip. {See complete itinerary} 

Dates:  November 6-14, 2015

Cost: The trip cost is $2,000, including local transportation, accommodations (including tents, etc), and food on the trip (excludes travel to and from Tanzania) and we ask each participant to fundraise at least $4,000 to support Amref Health Africa’s continued work.

More Information: Expedition Masai & Amref Health Africa

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