Spring Bucket List: 35 Fun Activities & Things to Do

After a long Winter, Spring will soon arrive. The sun will begin to shine and the flowers will start to bloom. It is time to make a plan as to how you are going to enjoy this change of season. Here are 19 Spring Bucket List ideas to get you started.

Although winter may seem like it will never end (hopefully you at least checked some things off your winter bucket list!), there seems to finally be some light at the end of the tunnel. When winter steps aside and spring comes back to play, we get to once again enjoy warmer weather, blooming flowers and a whole lot of fun spring activities we may do every spring – or have never done before! I’ve created the bucket list of the best things to do in spring to make sure that all of us can capture the best of the season. 

The Best Spring Activities & Things to Do for Your Bucket List

1. ✦ Attend the Opening Day of a Baseball Game

Many baseball leagues across the world start their seasons around April – on April 1st specifically for MLB – making spring the perfect season to sit through a game. And is there any better game to check out than one on the opening day?! You may not become a regular baseball watcher, unless you already are one, but trust me, you’ll have loads of fun even if you go just the one time.

2. ✦ Bake a Seasonal Pie

Each season has their own pies perfect to bake that season and your options for spring just may be the most diverse of them all! From apricot to cherry, Taste of Home has a lot of excellent recipes for seasonal pies for the spring season. Meanwhile at Delish you’ll find over a dozen options for pies to bake for that Easter feast.

3. ✧ Climb a Tree

Along with spring comes warmer weather and greener scenery. Therefore it makes some great time to go out climbing trees as they are returning to life. Climbing a tree is one of those spring activities that is fun no matter how young or old you are. Just make sure you do it safely!

4. ✦ Dine Al Fresco

Dining al fresco essentially just means dining outdoors, the term deriving from Italian language. It’s an especially popular activity during the summer season, but actually you can (and should) start your al fresco dining a wee bit early. In the spring time, the air is wonderfully crisp as you dine outdoors and it’s much easier to find a restaurant without a crowded terrace area to dine in.

5. ✦ Eat Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry shortcake is a delicious and easy to make yourself dessert that’s perfect for the spring! It’s already a classic among desserts for the summer season, but berries like strawberries actually make spring taste a whole lot fresher and sweeter, ergo you shouldn’t let your spring season heat up into summer without shortcakeing it up first.

6. ✦ Feed the Ducks

With spring comes along warmer weather, walks and picnics at the park, and the ducks also begin emerging into the lakes, ponds and rivers at said parks and other areas. Feeding the ducks – doing so with putting much care into what and how much you feed them, of course – can be a happy activity especially for the little ones in the family, though I imagine us adults find plenty of enjoyment in it as well. However, instead of bread, try feeding the ducks with oats and seeds, rice or grapes cut in half.

7. ✦ Fly a Kite

Another one of the outdoor things to do in spring is to fly a kite in the park. The shops and online stores are filled with different kinds of kites for you to choose the one that’s most to your liking – or you can even make your own!

Don’t have a kite? Check out these cool ones: 

8. ✧ Go Berry Picking

Up until now many of us may have likened berry picking season to be solely from late summer to mid-fall. But berries can actually be picked during the spring as well! You can pick blueberries and strawberries from late spring season, which just so happen to be some of the tastiest berries out there.

9. ✦ Go Bird Watching

Spring is a migration season for birds, when birds return to the Northern hemisphere after spending the winter in somewhere warm. That makes spring an amazing season to go bird watching because they’re gathering in large groups and will therefore be easier to see. You can even buy a bird watching book to see how many you can see.

10. ✦ Go Kayaking (or Paddle Boarding)

Once snow clears out and the warmer weather is upon us, a huge, diverse range of outdoor activities becomes available to us. Among them are both kayaking and paddle boarding which are perfect ways to spend the late spring days where it’s sufficiently warm but not too hot for enjoying. Plus, even if the water temperatures aren’t high enough for swimming yet, that’s no obstacle for kayaking and paddle boarding.

11. ✦ Go on a Spring Break Vacation

Taking place somewhere from end of February to early April depending on where you’re based, spring break is a popular vacation period in the spring season. It may typically be likened to as a holiday when college students hit the beach for scandalous partying, but your spring break vacation can be widely different from that if you wish; doesn’t quite matter how you spend it as long as you do commit to one of the most quintessential of spring activities. Maybe you’ll want to take your family to Disney World or maybe you’ll want to go chill in Maui by yourself?

12. ✦ Hang a Bird Feeder

Bird feeders are not beneficial to hang in your backyard simply for our own amusement of watching as various birds come for feeding, but during the nesting season specifically it helps parent birds collect more food – or at least more easily – for their baby birds than if they have to fly far from the nest to get the food.

You can easily buy a bird feeder (like this adorable wooden one), but you can also make your own—I am loving this adorable DIY teacup bird feeder. Plus, here are some excellent tips on how to hang your bird feeder this spring.

13. ✦ Have a Garage Sale

Garage sales can actually be an insanely great way to get rid of some items you no longer need, with surprisingly little effort as you don’t need to leave your house to commit to it. You can also use it as a chance to network and socialize with people living in your neighborhood plus you’ll make some money on the side.

14. ✧ Throw a Garden Tea Party

If you have a garden or access to anything resembling one, throwing a gorgeous garden tea party—even if it’s just for a small crowd—can be a major highlight for the spring season. Get inspired dreaming and planning of your own garden tea party by checking out this gallery. Although outdoor garden parties are often seen as a summer activity, there’s really no reason why you couldn’t add it to your bucket list of things to do in spring!

15. ✦ Have a Picnic

When you go to the park to feed the ducks, by all means make a day out of it! Put together a basket of strawberry shortcake, your freshly picked strawberries or blueberries and/or whatever else that you liken to be in your perfect picnic, plus a blanket, and find the perfect spot at the park to lay down and enjoy some warm but cool spring weather along with delicious snacks and fresh nature.

16. ✦ Hike a New Trail

Each season of the year offers something different for your hiking experiences, from the nature around you to the trails that are best to be taken. Spring offers amazing landscapes with the flowers and the returning greenery, though in some destinations there may still be some snow lingering! But, because of the freshness and “coming back to life” after winter hibernation, spring can be inspirational for you to try and hike a trail you’ve never tried before.

17. ✦ Make a Dandelion Wish

Of wildflowers, dandelions seem to be simultaneously ones that receive the least and the most love. Yes, they may not be the most beautiful flower that grows by the side of the road, but when a big enough of a group of them grows in the same spot, they create a gorgeous field to marvel at. But the best part about dandelions are that, after their bloom, they turn into seeds that look like puffballs, which will fly away if you blow on them—and you ought to blow on them and make a wish as you do so; it just may come true!

18. ✧ Paint Rocks

This is a great activity that combines both the outdoors and the indoors, plus works great for home décor and as something to give out as a gift. You can even leave them in various spots to serve as a random act of kindness! All you need to do is find rocks that are flat—or mostly flat—and then let your colorful and creative side flow.

19. ✦ Pick Wildflowers & Make a Bouquet

Besides dandelions, a variety of other wildflowers, many of them absolutely beautiful, pop up and bloom around the same time in the spring. They can make for a great DIY bouquet if you spend an afternoon in the nature soaking in the beauty you’re surrounded by, then picking a couple of your favorites for said bouquet.

20. ✦ Plan the Ultimate Summer Vacation

Spring is also an excellent time to prepare for the upcoming summer, when many of us are on an extended break from school or work. When you start your planning early enough, you’ll have the time and opportunities to create your ultimate summer vacation, including booking whatever accommodation, activities or flights are needed to make it happen, before prices soar or everything gets sold out.

21. ✧ Plant a Spring Garden

No need to wait until summer comes along to start planting and preparing for your epic seasonal garden, you can definitely start it during spring already. Especially if you’re planning to plant fruits and vegetables in addition to—or instead of—flowers. Some fruits and vegetables expecting to be planted during the spring season are honeydew, cucumber, beets, broccoli, garlic, potatoes, onions and raspberries; you can read from here the exact period during the spring to plant them for the best crop.

22. ✧ Plant Herbs

Spring is also the season to do it if you wish to plant and grow herbs. You can start planting them about as soon as March rolls around as many of them are keen to be planted and start growing from early spring. Growing your own herbs not only makes for tastier dishes and other health benefits, but they’ll look so attractive in your home.

23. ✦ Play an April Fool’s Day Prank

April Fool’s Day happens worldwide every 1st of April. As long as the prank you play isn’t cruel or overly cliché, it can be an extremely fun and joyous day to share with the people around you, whether they are your loved ones or acquaintances on the internet. Check this out for ideas for pranks that are entertaining but harmless.

24. ✦ Play in the Rain

Especially in the later spring time, when the rain is prominent but no longer as cold, it can make for some fun times to go out and play in the rain. Your kids may love to spring around jumping in puddles, among various other activities, with or without the umbrella. And meanwhile you and your partner may want to ditch the umbrellas and commit to some couples bucket list fun in the form of chasing and smooching under the rain.

25. ✦ Play Frisbee

Spring is a fantastic time of year for some outdoor exercising. It’s not as hot as summer and it’s not as cold as winter—and it’s also not as rainy as autumn tends to be. I’ve already mentioned kayaking and paddle boarding above, but playing frisbee is another amazing sporty activity to commit to in the springtime; whether that means putting together a group of people for a round or two of ultimate frisbee or just tossing it back and forth with a close friend in your backyard.

26. ✦ Search for Four-Leaf Clovers

Four-leaf clovers are fun to search for because of two reasons. One is because they’re rarer than a three-leaf clover, therefore it’ll give you a special feeling when you find one. And the second reason is because four-leaf clovers are said to bring luck—and who wouldn’t love to have some of that!

27. ✦ Shop at a Farmer’s Market

Late Spring is the season for farmer’s markets. Get your reusable bags and load up of fresh fruits and vegetables for tonight’s dinner. One of the yummiest and healthiest of the Spring Bucket List ideas!

Farmer’s Markets are an excellent place to shop for fresh produce any season of the year. In the spring season specifically you can make great finds like apricots, artichokes, asparagus, parsley, peas, radishes and rhubarb. Since spring is all about the new and fresh activities to try, if you’ve never – or rarely – shopped at a farmer’s market, it’s time to add at least one weekend visit to your list of spring activities for this year.

28. ✦ Skip Stones in a Lake

Did you know that stone skipping has grown to be much more than a simple childhood pastime, that it’s now an actual competitive sport of sorts? I know, blows my mind as well! But that fact makes it all the more compelling and encouraging for us to return to the days of skipping stones on a lake—or finally learning how to do so.

29. ✦ Spring Clean Your Space

Spring cleaning is an age old, universal activity where we clean our homes from top to bottom, getting rid of the old and no longer used, including thorough scrubbing and deep cleaning of various surfaces in the home. It may sound like a drag, but it can actually be incredibly cathartic, not to mention it is a much needed activity to do at least once a year, with spring being the perfect season for it.

30. ✧ Take a Tandem Bike Ride

Tandem bikes are bikes that are designed to be ridden by more than one person at a time. They make for a great afternoon bicycle stroll along the riverside, through a park, or whatever have you, with a close friend or a significant other, guaranteed to provide joy and laughter into your sunny spring day.

31. ✦ Take a Road Trip

Spring is the perfect time for travel in general as weather is likely to be pleasant, but the crowds are way smaller than a couple of months later for peak season. Spring is especially perfect for road tripping as you’ll get to enjoy all the newly lush and blooming scenery along the roads you take on top of the pleasant weather and small crowds at your stops along the way.

32. ✦ Walk Barefoot on the Grass

Toss aside your shoes and socks to feel the texture of freshly grown grass once it has returned from its period of winter hibernation. There are numerous health benefits to walking barefoot, such as improvement in control and balance, plus strengthening mobility and mechanics and muscles.

33. ✧ Walk Under the Cherry Blossoms

One of the most amazing flowers to bloom in the spring season are the cherry blossoms. Even if you can’t travel all the way to Asia for them, your region might positively surprise you with some amazing cherry blossom trees of their own. Have a walk under the cherry blossom trees when they’re in full bloom, perhaps when the petals have begun to slowly fall, and simply feel the magic that cherry blossoms bring to spring for a brief moment.

34. ✦ Watch the Sunrise

The deeper into spring we get, the earlier the sunrises get. If you’re not an early bird, it may become harder for you to catch a sunrise each morning. But try to catch a springtime sunrise at least once, if not a few times; they can be quite gorgeous and the earlier wake up may leave you surprisingly awake and refreshed to tackle the day.

35. ✧ Write a Spring-Themed Haiku

Haikus are of course not limited to be written in or of just one single season. However, the magic of spring and the resurface of the nature around us sure gives a lot of great material to write haikus about. Follow the how to write a haiku directions to get started on your own!

Ah, isn’t it nice when spring comes around? The sunrise comes earlier and sunset later, the flowers bloom and the trees get green. Gone is snow and cold, replaced by weather that gradually gets warmer. Though we may not have thought of spring as something special before, there are actually so many incredible spring activities for all of us to dive into – and specifically in the spring season, at that! I hope that this spring bucket list can bring a lot of joy to you as you check each item off – I know it’ll do so for me, for sure!

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  1. Loved this list, very creative and inspiring as well. My favorite would have to be #6 take a spontaneous road trip. I will plan on waking up one morning this spring and jumping into the car with my hubby for a spontaneous road trip to wherever the road takes us! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. These are the things that I love to do during spring and summer time. Would definitely do these things again.

  3. I simply love go flying a kite. I am actively trying to remember the last time that I flew a kite and to be honest, sadly I don’t remember .
    I know what I’ll be doing this weekend. This was a great list, it has got me very excited about the next couple of months before it gets incredibly hot!
    Thanks for the wonderful list :)

  4. Hey there! My one-week spring leave has been approved by my boss which makes me extremely happy because now I would have plenty of time to spend with my family. Now, it was totally intriguing to find out that spring is the best time to have some picnics at an outdoor area since the weather is just nice. Alright, I’ll try to find the perfect place to do that with my clans later on.


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