I had just finished writting about my upcoming bucket list adventures to Spain, France and Galapagos when a couple more opportunities surprisingly came my way; Switzerland and the Tuscany region of Italy. As we all know, I am not one to say no to opportunities since many lead to amazing bucket list worthy experiences. So, here I come Zurich, Florence, Pistoia and Arezzo.

I am headed to Tuscany to experience the Crafts & Excellence tour with Play Your Tuscany. In Florence, I will be a student for a day at the Academy of Fine Arts participating in the workshop “Abiti di Rifiuti – Trash Fashion” from landfill to the catwalk. After watching endless episodes of Project Runway I am eager to see what wearable fashion can possibly make from soda cans and plastic bags.

ln Northern Italy’s town of Pescia, I’ll be learning to become a master papermaker at Museo della Carta and in Pistoia we will be listening to the sounds of Gennaro Scarpato, a famous Italian drummer. There will also be a ceramic lesson at Terrabruga in Cortona. That’s a bunch of creativity jammed into one Tuscany trip and I can’t wait!

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tuscany italy view

As I had a week to spare before actually needing to be in Florence, I decided to take the train from Paris (where I currently am) to Zurich, Switzerland. I am staying at the quaint Hotel Rossli, touring the old town, taking a relaxing dip on the rooftop at Thermalbad and surely indulging in fondue.

This is a completely unexpected trip, so I have not planned too much. If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments.
Zurich Switzerland
photo credit | Szczepan janus

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