Spend the Day at a Country Club. Bucharest, Romania.

As we were driving up to Stejarii Country Club in Bucharest, I sat up a little straighter and properly crossed my legs, practicing my sophistication prior to arrival as I had never been to a country club before. Aren’t they meant for classy women who sip fruity flavored iced tea, wear designer tennis outfits and reek of poise and refinement?

This was going to be a stretch for my clumsy and sometimes tactless self.

This was a special day because me and a couple dozen other travel bloggers were invited to spend the afternoon at Stejarii to get immersed in all this location has to offer.

I had foot massages, facials and tiny tea sandwiches on the mind.

Stejarii Country Club lounge in Bucharest, Romania

We met with our guide for the day in a room filled with pastel blue and cream colored velvet chairs, fitting for a five-star hotel. She informed us of the activities for the day. Hopefully, this would include one ‘deep tension release’ massage for me. We were told that what would actually be happening was a very physical scavenger hunt that would have us taking a zumba class, doing circuit training, playing tennis and squash.

What? People actually work out at country clubs?

Apparently, not only does Stejarii have an incredible Shiseido Spa, but it was also a place to stay fit with a large variety of athletic activities. This was becoming increasingly evident by the amazingly in shape men and women walking about.

I was actually on board with this unexpected schedule, not only because my full-of-delicious-food belly was protruding since arriving to Bucharest, but also because I am always up for a good competition. Besides, maybe the reward would include being slathered in scented body cream and rubbed down by a pair of strong hands. You never know.

The group of us were broken up into three teams. The idea was that we would need to complete an athletic class and then answer questions related to Bucharest in order to get a clue to the location of the next activity.

We hit the tennis court first.

We entered an indoor tennis court where the floor was a sunset colored clay and Adriana, a national champion, taught us the basic techniques. Even though I was not dressed appropriately in my knee-high motorcycle boots (remember, I thought we’d be lounging at the spa all day), my attire would not be allowed to hinder my performance nor a chance to win this scavenger hunt. That’s my competitive self speaking.

I used my very limited tennis skills from a semester class in college to perform my best backhand, forehand and serve.

photo by Alin Popescu

The next activity up was the game of squash, a sport similar to racquetball with the biggest difference being the size of the racquet and balls. I had only played one game of racquetball in my life and had to quit midway because I was pee-your-pants laughing trying to locate the speeding ball as it bounced off the walls.

Squash had a slower pace. Lucky for me.

Surprisingly, my squash skills we much better than my tennis ones. There may have even been a short rally with the expert.

After squash, we were led to the Zumba room. Uh oh. I had taken Zumba class before, an exercise that combines dance and aerobics. It wasn’t pretty, since I have absolutely no coordination. If you are going left, I surely will be going right.

This class was no different. Except, the music was so good and the instructor so upbeat that even when my dance steps were incorrect I just kept freestyle dancing. Everyone else was doing the same.

photo by Alin Popescu

The last part of the scavenger hunt was a short circuit training class that had eight different stations and we had to complete every one of them. Ugh.

Push-ups, squats and lunges. Oh my.

At first glance, this athletic activity was the one I dreaded the most. Have you seen my wimpy arms? I can’t do push-ups. But, once again the good music started pumping and the trainers joyfully encouraged us the entire time. Don’t quote me, but this was actually sort of fun.

photo by Alin Popescu

After a couple of hours and actually breaking a sweat our team came up victorious, or at least that’s what we determined since we completed all the classes first.

photo by Alin Popescu

And guess who popped in to congratulate the winners? Professional tennis player Simona Halep who is ranked number three in the world. Actually, she is Romanian and trains at Stejarii when she’s in town, so we just happen to be in the right place at the right time. 

Luckily, she wasn’t around to critique my tennis swing.

photo by Dragos Asaftel

After the games and a healthy lunch, there was an opportunity to hit up the gorgeous Shiseido Spa. They offered numerous services fit for a queen, but I opted for lounging in the Zen room, followed by taking a dip in the indoor relaxation pool.

Thank Goodness for the spa.

If the luxury of the locker room was any indication to what was to come, than the next few hours were going to be spectacular. Plus, I was immediately offered a pot of hot Pina Colada tea (see, country club people do drink flavored tea), which was graciously accepted.

photo courtesy Stejarii Country Club

After changing into my robe, I entered the Zen room for some much deserved relaxation. The deep red room was lined with waterbeds, separated by sheer curtains. I hadn’t been on a waterbed since the 90’s and frankly, I am quite disappointed that they have gone out of fashion.

These waterbeds were just as comfortable as I remember.

photo courtesy Stejarii Country Club

At the head of each bed was an oxygen bar with four flavors ready to be sniffed: Eucalyptus, Rose, Frangipani and Sea Grass. It is said that the body is oxygen deprived and by adding more you will remove toxins. I accept.

Putting the tubes into my nose, I turned on the machine and opened the valve for to receive 100% of the rose scent. Wanting more variety, the next one that entered my nostrils was eucalyptus. Finally, I just turned all of them full blast for an even aromatherapy of each.

It was a faint, yet delicious concoction.

As I was adjusting my oxygen, a staff member brought me my pot of tea complete with a piece of rich dark chocolate. Am I in Heaven?

After an hour of waterbed unwinding, I moved my lethargic body to the warm indoor relaxation pool that featured bubble-jet lounge chairs. I plopped myself into one, closed my eyes and dreamed of coming here every day.

Unfortunately, my day eventually had come to an end. But, not before wishing I had the luxury of becoming a member of this very country club, spending my mornings playing squash and the afternoon relaxing in the spa with my fruity tea.

This place had everything a girl could want.

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16 thoughts on “Spend the Day at a Country Club. Bucharest, Romania.”

  1. At the end of this post.. I was so dreaming of coming to their country club, like wow, that is so heaven! and then I heard “ooh, baby I love your way” from a distance. That’s exactly what I was thinking.. I love their way of pampering their people. oh yeah. ;)

    • And they offer so much more pampering that I even had! I love that you can first get a great workout in and then have such relaxation that you believe you are at a five-star resort!

  2. Yeah, by the pictures, it’s look a luxury resort, of relaxation and have a fun, certainly you spent a good moments there.

  3. Hey,Annette i was feeling like visiting Romania few days earlier,now your blog has provided me a very reason why i should do that,thanks to you :)

  4. I’ll be in Bucharest in a few weeks so I will have to check this out .I can’t believe they have flavoured oxygen! That must have been a relaxing and weird experience! Thanks for the great tip :)

  5. Hi Annette, Seems like a suitable place to unwind and relax. Also, has anyone told you, that you look like Christina Ricci?

  6. I’ve heard of an oxygen bar before, but never really understood the purpose. It’s very interesting that it’s supposed to rid your body of toxins. I will have to try it sometime now that I know why people do it!

  7. What a lovely country club!! Such top of the line amenities. I wish I could try this place in the future. :) Thanks for the share!


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