It is not often that I dine at a restaurant with paper napkins, styrofoam plates and wine served in a plastic cup. Though, I have admittedly attended a few college parties where red Solo cups were the center of attention, but that’s a different story. Either way, I would happily drink all of my vino out of disposable ware if it were served with Southern BBQ featuring the most tender, carefully smoked meat slathered in tangy sauce.

The Beachcomber BBQ on Georgia’s St. Simons Island is owned by a brother and sister team who are obsessively passionate about their smoking. And I ain’t talking about cigars.
Owner of Southern BBQ Restaurant

We arrived and were greeted by an inviting tiki torch lit patio, but it was unusually cold that evening. Too chilly for dining al fresco or whatever they call it in the South. Instead we opted for a cozy indoor picnic table which was set with a roll of paper towels, BBQ sauces and plasticware. The paper menu was the place mat.

Add some wet naps and we would have all the essentials for a good BBQ meal.
Beachcomber BBQ Southern BBQ Restaurant
Beachcomber's Southern BBQ Menu
patio photo courtesy of Beachcomber BBQ

Alton Brown, a Food Network star, claimed the Beachcomber’s meaty Butt, Beans and Slaw amongst the best things he ever ate. So, I ordered the Pulled Pork Plate, Sweet Taters and Brunswick stew. I am a rebel.

The housemade pork was smoky and tender. But, mixing it with the sweet tomato based BBQ sauce added that extra tang. They have a fiery sauce too, for the braver folks. Too hot for this spicy wimp.

The Brunswick Stew is a classic tomato-based Southern stew, most commonly made with corn, onions and chicken. This one was slightly thick and flavorful. The spuds were not your typical tater tot, they were made from sweet potatoes. A trendy take on taters. You can easily and unconsciously pluck them in your mouth like potato chips. You will need to practice a large amount of self control.

Smoked Pork at Southern BBQWine in a Plastic Cup
It may be cardinal Southern BBQ sin, and the rest of the table ordered a cold beer, but I ordered a glass of red wine. And it was served in a plastic cup. I am one classy chick.

Have you ever been to a true Southern BBQ restaurant?

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