There are countless ways to enjoy the open water all year round. Whether you’re after a relaxing day out in the sun or a thrilling winter adventure, keep your eyes peeled for exciting opportunities.

Here are six adventurous ways to experience the joys of Earth’s waters.

Wakeboarding at Sunrise

1. Wakeboarding in the Med

This extremely trendy sport was only invented around thirty years ago and since then it has become popular all over the world. Riders are typically towed behind a motorboat on a thin board as they try to perform jumps and tricks using the boat’s wake as a ramp. It will take a bit of practice but the Mediterranean sun should keep you happy. {photo credit: Glyn Lowe}


2. Kayaking in the Scottish Highlands

Scotland’s dramatic highland landscape is the perfect place to indulge a passion for exciting watersports like kayaking. With steep glens and rushing waterfalls for experts as well as calm lochs and pools for beginners you are sure to find the right balance. {photo credit: pbkwee}

fishing at sunset

3. Fishing Trips in the Persian Gulf

Dubai fishing is best enjoyed during the summer months when the weather is good and the fish are plentiful. Experienced fishing charters are ready to take you out whatever your standard and you never know, you might just land a monster! {photo credit: Casey Bisson}

Whale Watching

4. Icelandic Whale Watching

Ready for a unique and powerful experience? Watching whales in their natural habitat is a spectacular sight and a great way to connect with nature. Iceland is a stunning and peaceful place to see these incredible creatures. {photo credit: Matthias Schussler}

scuba diving

5. Great Barrier Reef Scuba Diving

If you like Finding Nemo then you’ll love the real thing. Experience the dazzling colours and exotic marine life of the Great Barrier Reef on an Australian scuba dive. Some initial training will be needed before you can dive like the pros but there are plenty of instructors to help you out. {photo credit: bhinddalenes}

floating in the dead sea Israel

6. Floating in the Dead Sea

You’re meant to sink in water right? Not the case in the salt-laden Dead Sea where people go to float for a few hours instead. Experience this bizarre sensation on a trip to the Jordan Rift Valley. {photo credit: israeltourism}

These are just a few ideas for fun trips out on the water – there really are no limits. Whatever you choose to do have a great time and remember to stay safe!

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