I hate to admit this, but today I am suffering from a severe case of “lack of motivation”. Yes, it happens to everyone from time to time. Whenever I reach this unwelcoming place I try to assess how I arrived here and find a map of how to get back to the comfort of my emotional home…quickly. The answer is usually simplifying life.

I have realized that sometimes ‘life gets in the way’ of actually living and simplifying life isn’t always so simple. Let me explain. I spent much of my younger years trying to acquire all the material things that I thought would impress others and make me happy; cars, houses, businesses and clothes. Now, I have grown to know that my goal is to live a simple life where every day is pushed to the limits with new experiences and checking off items on my bucket list. But, at this point, my life is as complicated as many others; where every minute is accounted for in my schedule and freedom is paralyzed by the piles of bills due on the first of each month.

So the map has brought me to this question: How do you dig yourself out of the bustling hole you created to become what you are meant to be, simplifyinf life? Ahh…todays million dollar question and my answer is “one…step…at…a…time”. If I have learned anything from Bucket List Journey it’s that when you look at a goal in its entirety it can be overwhelming and intimidating. But, breaking it down into mini-aspirations will make it more achievable and that is what I will do, take one step forward everyday, no matter how big or small. That’s the only way I can make my ultimate dream come true where I will wake up everyday have quirky new experiences, shamelessly learn lessons along the way and inspire people to step out of their box. It will happen…I will make it happen.

How do you start simplifying life?

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