Embarassing Moment at Jimmy ChooThank God, I don’t embarrass easy because I am definitely prone to saying and doing things without putting any thought into them beforehand. Not to say that I am thoughtless or harsh, more just clumsy and absentminded. I trip over invisible objects, break random things and have stuck my foot in my mouth on way more than one occasion. But, on this one afternoon I can truly say that it was an embarassing moment, I felt my cheeks turn a crimson red, my stomach knot up as if I drank the water in Mexico and I was praying for a rapid, direct escape route.

I was in Vegas for my company Christmas party, where everyone had just received a nice size bonus. The thought crossed my mind to put the entire unexpected compensation on red at the roulette table, but I couldn’t bear the thought of losing my money without anything to show for it. Instead I decided to take a stroll into Jimmy Choo to buy a pair of uber-fabulous shoes that I would never have normally conceived as doable.

Who would have thought a simple visit to a shoe store would produce an embarassing moment?

I strutted in, feeling pretty proud of myself, and ogled over the luxurious selection before me; stilettos, wedges, or knee-high boots? Leather or suede? Pink, camel or the always-sexy jet black? Was I in Heaven?

I picked up a pair of red, soft leather platform boots with a 4 1/2 inch heel. I was admiring them, as if they were a famous piece of artwork, when the sales woman approached me. Before I could say, “can I please try these on in a size 37”, she said “excuse me, but woman to woman, I just want to tell you that your zipper is down.” BAM! Embarassing moment. I stood there for a moment in a slight daze, weighing my options of what to do next. I did manage to mutter, “Oh…No, thank you so much.” But, the embarrassment was just too much, how was I suppose to ask this same sophisticated woman to bring me a thousand dollar shoe to sample? I pretended to look around the store for about ONE minute more and then headed out with my tail between my legs. Hence the reason that #194 on my bucket list {own a fabulous pair of designer shoes} is not checked off yet.

Have you ever had a memorable embarassing moment?

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