I’m not gonna lie, there was a few tears shed when my Arizona home hit the for-sale market. This was not a surprise since it took almost nine years for my husband and I to finally make the decision to list it, even though it sat vacant for a majority of that time.

But sometimes you have to sell one dream for another.

Annette White Arizona Home - Front

I grew up in Northern California, in the town of Petaluma to be exact. But, when my grandmother got severe arthritis she wanted to go someplace warmer (contrary to the rumors, Northern Cali gets quite chilly). Thankfully you can sell to an investor who will pay cash for your fixer-upper fairly easily, so it wouldn’t be a stressful time to get the money. She was determined to move to Arizona since one of her children already lived there, and like a bunch of vagabonds the entire family followed, each buying our own homes along the way.

It was an easy decision to follow the matriarch of our family.

Annette White Arizona Home - Courtyard

My husband and I purchased this 3600 square foot tuscan style home that we knew was way too big for just the two of us, but it was love at first sight. Actually, Peter saw it first and put a deposit on it with me knowing. I remember the afternoon he came home to tell me, “Honey, I bought a house.” I was less than thrilled with his rash decision until we took a tour of the models.

This was my dream home.

Annette White Arizona Home - Courtyard

The two front courtyards were perfect for sipping a glass of red wine while sitting by the fire pit, the kitchen was a cooks dream decked out in stainless steel with a large granite island and the master bath was bigger than than most studio apartments back at home. The walk-in closet couldn’t even begin to fill my mass amount of clothing and the quaint living room fit the perfect Christmas tree. This home meant so much to us that we had to get the right homeowners’ insurance. Initially, we weren’t sure how it all worked so a friend suggested this huge list of things that homeowners’ insurance covers so we understood what kind of cover we needed for our home. Having our home covered in the event of any disaster allows me to enjoy this perfect home even more.

This felt like home.

Annette White's kitchen of her Arizona Home

It was a slow progression that my family got tired of the Arizona heat. 110 days in the summer did not agree with them. They each started moving back to Northern California, in the end leaving only my husband and myself.

And one incredible home.

Annette White Arizona Home - Living Room

We held out for another two years until an opportunity was presented that just couldn’t be passed up. There was a business for sale in our home town, now our little restaurant Sugo Trattoria.

Super excited about our venture, but not willing to let go of our dream home we decided to move and keep this home, believing that we would travel to Arizona 4-5 times per year. The first couple years this were not much of a problem, we were grateful for the break from the hectic life as restaurateurs. But, every year after the amount of time spent there dwindled.

What Happened? This blog happened.

Annette White Arizona Home - Family Room

This blog gave me travel opportunities that I never thought possible. It took me on safari in Africa, to swim in Jellyfish lake in Palau and hundreds of other places beyond Arizona. Call me crazy, but exploring quirky things to do in Tokyo trumped a visit to Arizona.

Still the thought of selling got me choked up.

I felt this way until I realized that sometimes you have to let go of something incredible for the possibility of something even more amazing. Before you jump to the conclusion that I am selling all my stuff to be nomadic, that’s not gonna happen. Kudos to those who can live that lifestyle, but I like more stability. Plus, there’s no way I will be getting rid of my successful restaurant.

Annette White Arizona Home - Master Bath

We want a farm.

We have a dream of owning a farm. It’s on our Couple’s Bucket List. Not one with a herd of cows (maybe just a couple goats and chicken), but a place that has enough room for an incredible kitchen to do recipe testing for the restaurant and replicating traditional dishes from the countries I visited for this blog.

Plus, I want space to build the Bucket List Journey brand; a space that lends itself to incredible photography, an office for employees and killer craft room to check off some of the artsy things on my list. Unfortunately, to do this our house needs to go.

So, if anyone is looking for a house in that part of the states, we can wholeheartedly vouch for this one. Here’s the listing: http://tinyurl.com/zqhrrhp

Do you have a dream you need to let go of to make room for another?

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