I have always been jealous of those Instagram influencers with tens of thousands of followers who say that they take all their photos with their smartphones. How easy does that sound? Instead of lugging around 20 pounds of camera equipment, like myself, they simply tote a lightweight smartphone.

The problem is I really like to be prepared for any shooting location and knowing that my Canon 6D has a plethora of lenses for any occasion keeps me carrying heavy baggage for every trip.

But, Pixter smartphone lenses have given me other options.

I found an easier way to get a variety of shots when my back starts to ache or when I just need to be a little more discreet with my photo taking instead of pulling out a ginormous body and lens.

Or simply for some really fun selfies.

Annette White Shot with a Pixter Lens

Smartphone Lens Review: Pixter Clip-On Lenses for My Iphone

Who is Pixter?

Pixter makes an assortment of lenses that clip right onto any smartphone — easy peasy. Plus, they are small enough to put in the pocket of your jacket (that’s what I did!). Each one weighs around an ounce and is about the length of my index finger. Even if I could replace just carrying one of my extra Canon lenses, it would seriously lighten my load.

I was delivered two different lenses to test, the Super Fisheye and the Wide Angle Pro. As they say, “the proof is in the pudding”, so I went on a short road trip from my Northern California home in search of a photogenic landscape. It wasn’t hard to find.

San Francisco’s iconic Golden Gate Bridge is just a hop, skip and jump from my home.