I had resorted to scribbling my website URL on cocktail napkins, the back of a Whole Foods receipt and even the palm of someone’s hand. This was starting to get embarrassing. I needed some blog business cards. ASAP.

It was about time to at least appear to be a professional.

Though I had heard several bloggers talking about Moo business cards, which looked amazing, I chose to go with Vistaprint. Mostly, because I have been using them for years and felt comfortable with their product.
Bucket List Journey Blog Business Cards

There are tons of designs to choose from or you can upload your own .pdf of something you created. Since I used to be a graphic designer in, what seems like, a former life, I designed my own artwork for my blog business cards.

You put a picture of yourself on your card? Yep. For consistency, I wanted my cards to be representative of what my travel blog looks like; same design, typeface, verbiage and photos. Also, I’m hoping that in a conference setting it may help tourism boards and pr representatives to remember me.
Bucket List Journey Blog Business cards

After much contemplation, I left off my facebook page and telephone number. I suppose I can revert to my old unprofessional self and scribble those on a coaster.

These 250 cards cost $49.26. This included shipping, my own artwork upload and full color on the second side. Otherwise, the total would have been about $20.

Do you have blog business cards? What information did you include?