Expectations of a WomenI am letting go of expectations, so you do you and let me do me…

At times in my life I have been tortured by the need to give in to peoples expectations, fitting into the mold that society has created and being “that girl”. You know the one. The woman who has the impressive 9-5 career which still leaves time to raise the all-American family, throw magnificent parties and cater to her dreamy husband, all the while maintaining the figure of a 19 year old. A temptress in the bedroom and Martha freakin’ Stewart in the home. The ultimate multi-tasker who can coordinate a household schedule, create a perfectly formulated Excel spreadsheet budget, cook a moist chicken saltimbocca & still be in stilettos by 8pm. A girl that can kick down beers with the guys while watching football, yet be a lady at the ambassadors dinner. A multi-faceted conversationalist who is well versed in politics, sports, finance and culture.

The list of expectations goes on and on, like the dirty laundry piling up on my bathroom floor. I am in no way knocking the women who believe in this ideology (you don’t need to email me), I actually commend you for striving to do the nearly impossible. All I’m asking is that you do you…& let me do me.

More often than not, I will forgo the mani/pedi combo to hike a beach trail at Point Reyes with hopes of seeing the spout of an emerging whale. I’d rather talk hashtags (read the Twitter handbook), Iphone apps and investments than the latest fashion. I am a self-professed computer nerd (minus the bow-tie & glasses) and can easily stay home on a Saturday night with a glass of jammy red wine to work on my website, surf the internet or plan my next adventure. I would rather have any new experience than lay stagnant in monotony. If I had to choose between shopping and skydiving, the later would win every time. Big diamonds and shiny jewels don’t impress me, because I know that carats in no way equate to true love. I believe that being content is always nice, but being happy is far superior (there is a difference). Even though I love to strap-on a pair of 4” heels for a night on the town, I think it’s just as sexy wearing a ribbed tank, my favorite jeans and flip-flops.  I want to take advantage of all that life has to offer, even if it means eating lambs tongue or making a complete jackass out of myself.

I am not typical.

I don’t want to be. Let me do me.

We are humanly unable to fill everyones expectations at the same time, while still being the person we are intended to be. Wouldn’t it be better to create your life and not let life create you?

Here’s my challenge to you. Take advantage of one day, a full 24-hours, and spend it exactly the way you choose. Do not do one thing out of guilt, obligation or others expectations. Yes, I said not even one.  Let your will and happiness guide you. Do what you would do if you were actually running your life.

What expectations to you want to let go of?

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