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Have you ever thought of visiting San Ignacio Lagoon in Mexico? You know, just to go and experience some of the best whale watching on the planet? Maybe you have thought of going to Ibiza for a few ‘let your hair down’ days. What about spending a week at a yoga retreat in Costa Rica? Or climbing a volcano in Guatemala or just marveling at the unbelievably gorgeous architecture that can be found in Havana?

Yes, there are so many things to do, people to meet and places to see in the Spanish speaking world. Which are some of the reasons why I was so excited about taking Spanish classes with Rosetta Stone‘s Learn Languages app. But, the main reason is because learning a language has been on my bucket list for way too long!

Rosetta Stone Learn Languages App: The Best Way to Learn Spanish

About Rosetta Stone

Not to be confused with the Rosetta Stone that helps with the deciphering of Egyptian hieroglyphics, although that is what it is named after; this Rosetta Stone has been setting the gold standard for language learning in the English speaking world for a quarter century now.

When it comes to learning Spanish (and many other languages!) Rosetta Stone is unmatched as a vocabulary builder and foundation tool. In fact, possibly the only other way to master the language so well is to move to a Spanish speaking country and practice every day with the locals.

Rosetta Stone took that into consideration and have even included live sessions with a native Spanish speaking professional in some of their packages!

Their style of teaching is called ‘Dynamic Immersion’ which gradually introduces you to different sights, sounds, words, sentences, conversations and language concepts. It has made learning so much easier than I thought, much better than the classes in high school I took years ago.

Rosetta Stone Classes: The Best Way to Learn Spanish

Why Learn a New Language?

Yes, you could just download a language translation app on your phone and be done with it, but one of the best ways to learn conversational Spanish is to use the Rosetta Stone Learning Language app. And the benefits go way beyond just being able to communicate in the native tongue.

Learning a new language also benefits in these ways:

  • Increases your overall cognitive abilities
  • Can Improve your memory and memorization skills
  • Helps your brain grow and can assist in protecting you from Alzheimer’s

P.S: All this is backed by scientific research.

Available Languages

The Rosetta Stone app offers 24 languages: Spanish (Latin America), Spanish (Spain), English (US), English (UK), French, Japanese, Italian, German, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Korean, Dutch, Tagalog, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Irish, Farsi, Polish, Swedish, Turkish, and Vietnamese.

The online version, however, offers you a whopping 30 languages with Dari, Indonesian, Urdu, Pashto, Swahili, and Latin being the additional languages.

Which one would you choose? Go here to pick your language.

Rosetta Stone Classes: The Best Way to Learn Spanish

The Reasons I Chose Spanish

With 30 available languages on the Rosetta Stone platform, including Italian and Polish (my nationalities), you would wonder why I chose the Spanish language? The answer is simple: learning Spanish has been on my bucket list for quite some time now.

Apart from the fact that learning Spanish is on my bucket list, there are a couple of other reasons why I choose to learn Spanish:

  • It is the second most spoken language in the world: After Mandarin, Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world with over 400 million native speakers across the globe. With the Spanish language under my fluency belt, I can comfortably communicate and interact with locals from a staggering 21 different countries from South, Central and North America to Europe and even Africa. And in case you are new here, I travel a lot :)
  • Upcoming travels to Mexico and South America: There are a few Mexico bound trips on the books this year, plus a South American adventure, and I would love to freely interact with the locals in their own language.

How you learn with Rosetta Stone

If learning Spanish has been on your bucket list as well or you are just looking for a new challenge, then maybe you should give the Rosetta Stone app a try. It is simple enough and very well structured.

  • It works with all your devices: This is one of the best features about learning Spanish using the Rosetta Stone software, it is not confined to just an app or your computer. It works perfectly well with all your devices (Web, on-the-go Mobile app). You can even download MP3 lessons to take with you on the road, that even allow you to keep learning when you are offline. I’m able to use the phone app all around the world!
  • Phrasebook, Stories, other features: Some of the most impressive features of this software include things like their phrasebook that allows you to listen to and learn how to speak key Spanish phrases that are typically used in real-life situations.
  • Other notable features include:
    • Stories that allow learning to learn how to quickly read, recognize and correctly pronounce phrases and sentences by reading stories our loud. You get to compare your voice and pronunciation to that of a native speaker.
    • The TruAccent® feature that allows you to perfect your pronunciation using the world’s best speech recognition technology.

Live Spanish Tutoring

This is perhaps my favorite feature on this app. Once you are done with a particular unit within the program you can schedule live Spanish tutoring lessons with a native teacher. By simply going to the “Studio”, you can pencil in a 50-minute lesson via video feed with a live person. These teachers are professionals and very proficient at their craft. They are also very patient as it might take a while for most people to get the right pronunciation and intonation required for fluency.

Can there be a better way to learn?

I have to say that this is by far one of the easiest and most convenient ways to learn the Spanish language that I have found so far. Though I am not fluent yet, just give me a few more months! The Rosetta Stone Learning Language app is easy to use, affordable and the fact that it works with all my devices just makes it perfect for a traveling girl like me.

Are you ready to check “learn a language” off your bucket list? Pick your language and sign up here.

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