Throw a Ladies Luncheon Themed Baby Shower

party favor for themed baby showerthemed baby shower tableOccasionally, I like to put my Martha Stewart hat on and produce some artsy fartsy stuff…it’s a good thing. Her expertise definitely helped me with the planning of my sister-in-laws Ladies Luncheon themed baby shower and checking off this goal on my bucket list.

The Party: Themed Baby Shower
The Theme: Ladies Luncheon
The Colors: Pink, Cream & White

Ladies Luncheon MenuTHE MENU
The key to the menu of a ladies luncheon themed baby shower is selecting items that are light, fresh and easy to eat. The recipes I used were either from my restaurant, Epicurious or the Food Network website. I definitely recommend trying them out weeks before the party, but I can vouch for the ones listed here!

~ Chicken Waldorf Salad
~ Harvest Quiche
~ Beet, Fennel & Citrus Salad
~ Curried Couscous
~ Bruschetta Assortment
Ladies luncheon curried couscous~ Dill & Egg Salad Tea Sandwich
~ Chicken Salad & Olive Tapenade Panini
~ Mango & Peach Iced Tea
~ Pomegranate Citrus Punch
~ White Cake with Fresh Mixed Berries

After much deliberation, I decided a variety of live plants in miniature pitchers with a handmade “Watch me grow…” name tag for ladies luncheon cakethe party favors…so freakin’ cute! I found these little containers at Ross for $2.50 each and bought the plants from Home Depot for 5 bucks a dozen. It took some time to plant all the flowers in the tiny vase openings; using just potting soil. I made sure to do them just the day before because I didn’t want to take any chances that the plants would die before they made it to the party.

themed baby shower tagsThe tags were made using craft paper, a paper punch, a glue stick and left over Christmas ribbon. Any mediocre scrapbooker could make these with not problem. Total cost per party favor: $3.75. Total time to make: 4 hours. Totally worth it!

Staying with the pink, cream and white theme, lilies arrangements were provided by a local florist. These made the perfect centerpiece for an already beautiful table.

ladies luncheon themed baby shower tableAfter weeks of planning and research the baby shower turned out to be a huge success!

Have you ever thrown a themed baby shower? And/or a ladies luncheon?

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