La Posada del Jamon Restaurant in Argentina

Apparently, three Argentine asados, at different wineries, in five days would just not do. We could just not let the burping up flavors of chorizo and blood sausage subside. So, we decided to ditch the vineyards of Argentina temporarily to go to a meaty lunch at La Posado del Jamon. As the name would indicate, they have pork. A lot of pork.

La Posado del Jamon is a meaty restaurant located in Tunuyan, Argentina a city west of the Mendoza province.

La Posada del Jamon

La Posada del Jamon Restaurant in Argentina

Just because there were no grapevines, didn’t mean there was no wine. After all, we were on a wine tour of South America. So, instead of tasting at a winery, Max Casnati from Casnati Wines brought the vino tasting to us. Jamon and wine. What a perfect pairing.

La Posada del Jamon in Argentina

We started are lunch with a tour of the La Posada del Jamon cellar, the La Cava. A masterpiece of curing pork. You could see the envy in Peter’s eyes, since he makes his own salumi and would love a place like this to let them age. One day honey.

Then we sat down in La Posada’s covered patio for a meat-filled four course meal and wine pairing.

The appetizer course was a simple dish of bitter black olives, toasted croutons and spicy red sauce.

La Posada del Jamon

Let the charcuterie begin. Salami, jamon and pork cheese hit the table and was paired nicely with Pinot Grigio and Torrontes.

La Posada de Jamon in Argentina

Salad with carrots. Uh. What? No Meat? What the hell? At least there was Malbec.

Course four was a plate of assorted meats including blood sausage and boneless pork ribs with the belly. The typical asado fare. As with all my prior experiences eating blood sausage in Argentina, this one didn’t have as much rice as it’s European counterparts. And though I thought I would like the rice buffer, I actually preferred this South American version.

The sausage was paired with two different Casnati Bonarda samples that had not even been bottled yet and a rich, yummy Cabernet. I am happy.

We took a neccesary meat breather and sipped on the Malbec Riserva. Even though my restaurant carries the regular Casnati Malbec, I am willing to admit that the reserve is the winner of the bunch.

I halfway expected dessert to be bacon ice cream or sausage flan and it was just that. Minus the meat. The sweet course was a Neopolitana Ice Cream topped with Dulce de Leche and Flan with a side of Dulce de Leche. Dulce de leche is much like Nutella you can slather it on anything.

neopolitan dessert

After this meaty lunch, we headed back to our lodging for a siesta and much needed meat detox.

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8 thoughts on “La Posada del Jamon Restaurant in Argentina”

  1. Oh my gosh I’m absolutely starving for that food now! Even just the appetizer looks incredible. I mean, those black olives certainly don’t look anything reminiscent of the canned variety here in the states. I can only imagine how delicious they taste.

  2. Oh my! Your photos are bringing back very fond memories of Argentina. In fact, I have a jar of Dulce de Leche in my fridge that has done well to last three days. You’re right – it can go on anything :-)

  3. I still have dreams of Dulce De Leche from my visit to Argentina almost 20 years ago. It was interesting, at that time, they were unable to export any wine in that they consumed almost all of it! In my memory, the “carne”, “postres” and even pasta on Sundays, was one of my best culinary excursions ever! Salute!

    • Yes, Dulce de Leche is pretty unforgettable :) I did not have any pasta when I was there, but if I did I am sure it would have some meat in there somewhere!


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