What does that have to do with a bucket list? Do you know how you read something, hear something or see something and it triggers an emotion that you needed to feel at that time? That’s what the movie Julie & Julia did for me. The pure joy people feel when they achieve a goal always gets me teary eyed and made me greatly aware of why achievement is so important to me. The excitement that Julie felt when she had her first blog comment was an emotion I could relate to. Isn’t that what people are striving for as you get older? To feel pure happiness over the smallest things in life, like when you were a child? I have asked myself dozens of times, “why is it so important to you to have a life list, who really cares?” I have come to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter who cares, as long as I do and the way this list enhances my life is worth every second that someone doesn’t care or thinks that I am bonkers, vain or senseless. It makes me happy. Whether you read it or not…it makes me happy. There are not many feelings better than the true bliss that accomplishment brings!