I am not typically a big sweater. Even after a one-hour, high speed spin class or 45 minutes of Zumba, I won’t shed a drip. So, I questioned, what would happen to my sweat glands in a Bikram hot yoga class?

Is it be possible to remain dry in a 105 degree room with 40% humidity?

I had driven by the Bikram Yoga Studio (AKA: Yoga Hell) in my hometown at least a hundred times. I was even a voyeur one evening peeking through the window at the half clothed attendees.

It scared me.

I was not fearful of just one thing, but the sum of all warnings; don’t eat 3 hours before class because you may barf, dress as if you are going to the beach and sit down if you feel light headed. The simple fact that I can’t even touch my toes wasn’t helping any.

I suppose some bucket list goals are going to be easier than others. Namely hot yoga.
Hot yoga hell

My adventurous girlfriend, the one who also went indoor skydiving with me, volunteered to come along to hot yogahell. For the record, she does sweat.

We arrived twenty minutes early, entered into the store/reception portion of the studio and were greeted by the nicest woman who walked us through the procedure and introduced us to our amazingly fit instructor. I was certain she could touch her toes.

I quickly scanned the goods for sale in the store and briefly thought that if I bought some of their cute yoga clothes there would be more of a chance for me to become a dedicated hellish yogi. That’s a decision to be made…after class.
yoga hell license plate

After unclothing in the dressing room, we entered “yoga hell” and I can now identify with the terminology. It was really hot. I laid down my yoga mat and placed a beach towel over it as a protectant to catch any dripage. If there was any.

Bikram yoga always consists of the same 26 poses, done in the same order. 

I was challenged by every one of these poses, except Savasana (corpse pose) where I could just lie still. I was good at that.

Ninety minutes, yes 9-0, later we had stretch, folded, balanced and SWEATED.

Did I sweat? More than I knew was possible. To give you a visual, my hair looked like I had just jumped into the ocean. Soaked. I was almost disgusted with my stink, until I was told that I was releasing toxins.There must have been a lot of them. Shouldn’t have drank that wine the night before.
hot yoga poses

No barfing. No fainting. Check off my bucket list. Still can’t touch my toes.

Have you ever tried Bikram Hot Yoga?

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