After checking into our room at THEhotel at Mandalay and having a chilling experience at the Minus5 Ice Bar Lounge, I wanted to see me some sharks. Maybe, if I was really, really nice, they would let me jump into the tank and have a little late night swim with sharks in Las Vegas

I sort of have a fear fascination with these creatures. Of course feeding sharks is on my bucket list and maybe this was just going to be step one…looking.

On our way to the seeing the sharks in Las Vegas at the Shark Reef Aquarium I was taken aback by this projected display. When anyone passed by it looked as if they were making waves in the water. Who could resist playing with this cool technology? Nobody under the age of ten or me, a self-professed technology tramp. Step two…pretending I was swimming in the water with sharks.

As we made our way to the sharks in Las Vegas, we passed several seemingly dangerous creatures. Doesn’t this Komodo Dragon look like he means business? Him and every one of the 60 teeth in his mouth told me that I didn’t want to feed that. I like my fingers…and my entire arm for that matter.

The Komodo is the largest living lizard and can run up to 13 mph. I was positive that that was much faster than me and thankful there was glass between us.
komodo dragon in Las Vegas

The jellyfish tank mesmerized me for several minutes. I mean, I didn’t want to jump in there, get stung and have to have someone pee on my wound. But, there was something hypnotizing about their shape and movement. Even this beautiful fish couldn’t compare.
jellyfish tank in Las Vegasfish tank in Las Vegas

And when we arrived at the shark tanks, this is what we saw; two men planted in the water just to taunt me. Hey, that is where I was supposed to be, swimming in there with the sharks in Las Vegas. I tapped on the glass as if to say, “What’s up with that” and “let me in”. But, apparently they were preoccupied with trying to maintain the attachment of their limbs. Step 3…tap on the glass where sharks roam.
sharks in Las Vegas

Turns out, you too can swim with the sharks in Las Vegas for $610 per person. Being really nice has nothing to do with it. Good to know. But, I think I may wait for the opportunity to do cage diving somewhere like Farallon Island. I’d feel a little safer with tooth-proof metal wrapped around me. That will be the last step.

I will leave you with this UN-cheesy photo. No, it’s not cheesy. It’s not.
annette white with sharks in Las Vegas

Have you ever swam with sharks? Do you want to?

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